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My Nexus 7 problems solved with KitKat

I recently got the Android 4.4 update for my Nexus 4 and my Nexus 7 last week and while I've experienced some problems with the LG version of the Nexus line up, the update has virtually cured all the problems I was getting with my Nexus 7 from Asus. There was an update before that cured some minor problems I mentioned in the article I wrote when I got the device, although I later discovered some new ones. Some of the problems that plagued my device, which I ordered directly from Google as the device went on sale in Canada, included random rebooting which was without doubt the most annoying problem I encountered with the device, but it seems everything is okay now.

AndroidPIT Nexus KitKat
My Nexus devices recently got the new KitKat operating systems and since then I've seen an improvement / © AndroidPIT

There were also other problems that plagued my Nexus 7 before the update came about. Sometimes it would take ages for the tablet to boot up and sometimes it wouldn't do so at all. Sometimes I would simply see a white dot flashing when I tried to turn the device on although it had been on charge for a decent amount of time. 

Another irritating bug was that the battery would deplete so quickly on Android 4.3. If I simply charged the device and didn't put it on flight mode the battery would be gone in a flash. I never really used the GPS on my Nexus 7 so the issues with the GPS didn't really affect me that much since I normally use my phone for that. I also never had the ghost touches issue with my device even when on the last iteration of Jellybean.

Since the update, I can't remember my tablet ever rebooting on its own as it did when it was on Jellybean and I also can't remember having an issue with turning the tablet on since the update. The battery now lasts for as long as it is supposed to on a tablet device.

I have had some problems with my Nexus 4 as that doesn't seem to be functioning as smoothly as it did on Jellybean. Sometimes apps like Facebook just don't start properly and there seems to be a lag that wasn't there before. All in all its not really that bad and I can live with just a few minor issues.

I am really glad that the problems with the Nexus 7 have been cleared up though with the new update.

Are you still having problems with your Nexus 7 device and have you gotten the Android 4.4 update from Google yet? Please leave us a comment and let us know what your experiences have been.


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  • I purchased my Nexus 7 (2013) in October 2013. Had problems from the start with random freezing and rebooting I received the Kit Kat update shortly after it became available. Wish I could say it fixed the rebooting problem, but no such luck. At first I suspected Chrome, so I started using Opera. Still happening. I ran in safe mode for a couple of days with no problems, but still no clue. Looking at other forums it seems to be fairly common.

  • nice to see other people benefiting also :)

  • i am using a Google Nexus 10 since March 2013 ..unfortunately my my nexus' auto rotation was not working at all. But after having received Kit Kat update the very problem got solved with out any difficulty. earlier i had tried all the ways to solve it but failed; even a factory resetting of the device and it did not help. thank you Google for this update

  • There's another very known problem which Kit Kat solves: If you had the N7 2013 with JB4.3 and the device was not set to English language, you'd had to reboot it after a series of setting changes in order to get OTG support. I was seriously hoping the Kit Kat update would take that away, since as a photographer, I use the tablet a lot at work, connecting it to my cameras, card readers or flash drives. Thank God Anodroid 4.4 did solve it!