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MyBackup Pro – Security Blanket For Your Data
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MyBackup Pro – Security Blanket For Your Data

Heaven forbid you should lose your smartphone—it’s a nightmare on so many levels, one of them being having to reenter all of one’s private data. The same is true every time you have to reset your device and have to waste time reentering data. MyBackup Pro will not only backup your data but your most important/paid for applications, too.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.0.5 4.5.4

Features & Use

MyBackup Pro does a thorough backup of your phone and private data with the following options:

  • Backup personal data
  • Backup applications
  • Manual one-time backup
  • Backup with schedule option
  • Backup to SD card
  • Remote backup via internet to distant server
  • Playback of backup of SD card or remote via the internet
  • Display and delete backup data
  • Secure access thanks to ID and password

Root users also have access to MyToolbox features:

  • Freeze bloatware, system apps
  • UnFreeze frozen applications
  • Wipe Cache of applications
  • Wipe Data of applications
  • Uninstall applications
  • Break the Android Market Link to Apps
  • Link Apps to the Android Market
  • Force Close applications

Bottom line:
MyBackup Pro is designed to make the horror of losing or breaking one’s Android device somewhat less scary. Backups are scheduled, meaning they run by themselves in the background, meaning you needn’t constantly be worrying/thinking about having to do backups.

Backups can be curated to a certain extent, meaning you can choose to back up only contacts or SMS, for instance. This also means that you can control which files/data are shared with third parties.

Screen & Controls

MyBackup Pro’s design is somewhat old school, I even heard some 'Yikes, that’s ugly,' whispers coming from some of my colleagues. I personally don’t mind MyBackup’s design, especially because it is so easy to use, and that’s what counts.

Controls are easy and relatively intuitive.

Speed & Stability

MyBackup Pro ran well throughout our test period. Commands were executed speedily and screens displayed promptly. Even remote backup didn’t take long, though this is of course contingent on the data volume.

I also like that remote access is protected via ID and password.

Price/Performance Ratio

MyBackup Pro is available for 3,80EUR from the Android Market, which might seem like a lot but is money well spent for a tool that is very useful indeed.


MyBackup Pro – Security Blanket For Your Data MyBackup Pro – Security Blanket For Your Data

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