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mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds

mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds

Nowadays cloud synching is where it’s at. Emails, contacts, calendar entries, videos and even music – everything is stored remotely somewhere in the atmosphere instead of on our hard drives. Text messages on the other hand are still stored on your internal memory, right?

mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS offers a cross-platform solution to this problem. Learn the ins and outs of this texting app in today’s test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.7 6.4.9

Features & Use

The aim of mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS is to send text messages regardless of which device you are currently using. All texts end up in the cloud and are then made available to any other device whether through the app or the web interface. Everything is supposed to work smoothly and efficiently without any hiccups.

Instead of having to pull out your cell phone every time you wish to text from home, it’s enough to just text away on your computer or tablet.

After downloading the app, a setup assistant appears with more details and explanations.

First, you’ll have to enter your phone number and a personal password. Within just a few seconds, you’ll receive an SMS message with a verification code. This allows mysms to automatically check if your cell phone number is valid.

After the setup has been successfully completed, you’ll find yourself in the app’s main menu, which includes all of your current conversations, just like any texting app.

Tap on any conversation and you’ll notice some stark differences right away. In the bottom left corner, you’ll notice a small icon next to the text input where you can select how you would like to have the SMS delivered.

Depending on the contact, you have between 2-3 options. As usual, you can send text messages via your current mobile provider. There is also the option of sending text messages at one low fixed price. Currently, that fixed price is 8 cents and works in several different countries. This is a wonderful idea for international texts, which can be quite pricey with your local national cell phone company. Texting with your mysms credit is a great way to save money on your monthly wireless bill.

Regardless of which method you use, every text message is sent via your number so that the recipient does not notice any difference. Picture messaging is also an option with mysms if you wish to share your snapshots across international boundaries.

The third and most cost-efficient option is sending text messages between mysms Friends. If you can convince your contacts to download the app, you’ll enjoy texting between your favorite contacts at absolutely no charge.

And that’s just the beginning because mysms offers much more than that. As I already mentioned, mysms offers cross-platform synchronization for all your texts. All of your precious SMS are stored remotely on a cloud for your safety. If a text messages fails to get though, it is automatically backed up to the cloud.

In order to keep tabs on what’s going on, you can install the mysms program on your PC or Mac. Sending and receiving texts from the comfort of your home – now that’s something we don’t want to miss. Alternatively, there is an add-on for Google Chrome.

In good news: your contacts also get automatically synchronized!
In bad news: there is no option for being informed about text messages per email. Notifications about new text messages work only on your own PC, but not with your email account as such.

Aside from that, the whole thing works like a charm. Sending text messages on the cheap via mysms requires you to buy some credit using PayPal or your credit card.

There’s also a small widget that comes with the mysms app. It shows the latest text messages and allows you to reply on the fly from your home screen.

There are also a couple of settings available. Although I don’t really see the point in this option, you can turn off the mysms cloud completely. You can also decide which default sending method you would prefer to utilize for your texting needs. This means either sending everything via mysms or your provider, but there is also the option of using mysms for international texts only. In the same menu subsection you can double-check the current texting pricelist.

Just like with any texting app, you can adjust the notification settings to be informed via the LED screen, with sound, vibration or all of the above. Pop-ups are also a possibility.

If you are unhappy with the way mysms looks, you can also download a different design.

Bottom Line:

mysms is a very practical and useful app that makes texting more fun, and more importantly, much more affordable. Even without your cellphone, you can keep track of your texts from your computer.

As I said, it’s a shame that the app doesn’t come with email notifications, but all in all the app is quite simply top-notch!


Screen & Controls

On a basic level, the app works and looks just like any other SMS app. All of the extra features are well-integrated and easy to master.

For a texting app mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS has a nice and polished look.


Speed & Stability

Because the app kept on crashing after the setup assistant on my LG Optimus Speed, I had to switch over to my old HTC Magic to complete the review. Annoying!

On the HTC Magic mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS works absolutely perfectly and without fail. So it looks like that was a device-specific problem that should be getting taken care of soon. At least, we hope so.


Price/Performance Ratio

mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS is a free app. For those of you interested in sending text messages at lower prices via mysms, you'll pay about 8 cents a pop to do so. 


mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds mysms - Phone, PC & Tablet SMS - Texting In The Clouds

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