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Netflix: Post-Play now available for Android

If you use Netflix across multiple different devices, you might notice that some versions of the service allows for episodes of a TV show to automatically continue playing after finishing one episode. This is particularly useful when going on a TV binge of watching multiple episodes of a certain show. Up until now, this feature has been missing from the Android version of the Netflix App but that has been resolved in the latest update. 

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For some time the service subscribers have been asking for this feature and now the company has listened to its users.  By adding this option to show a preview box with the selected series episode or movie, the company now caters to those who enjoy watching multiple episodes at once. The feature is already available to users of the service for television, iOS, and some other versions and basically allows automatic playback of the next episode of a TV show.

The company said the feature will also be available for Chromecast streaming, but they have not yet announced a date for this feature to be released. For anyone who subscribes to the service, it is a useful update, especially if you travel or are looking to veg out on the couch and watch show after show. 


Source: Netflix


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  • i have a chrome cast still i don't know what Neftlix do

  • Oh man, I don't use Neftlix now that I live in Europe, but back in the day in Canada this feature was the end of me, I couldn't stop myself from doing a series marathon! Now I use Watchever in Germany, and I'm happy that they don't have this feature, so I can go out and smell the roses once in a while ;-)

    • Loie, how is the comparison of Watchever compared to Netflix.? Is it a better alternative if in europe.?

      • it's comparable in many ways and has a quite a lot of good movies but I would say less new stuff than Netflix in the US. when I was using Netflix in Canada they still only had a bunch of b movies that no one had ever heard of but I think the selection has improved since then.

  • Yeah I noticed this a couple of days ago myself, I was SO HAPPY :)