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New Motorola Droid coming in late 2014? (Rumor)
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New Motorola Droid coming in late 2014? (Rumor)

The Motorola Droid line has become an institution when it comes to Android devices. It was one of the few device lines that saw mainstream success during the rise and rise of Android so many years ago. Motorola has since built on this success by making a droid device every single year and the design has recently been based on the Droid Razr device of 2011. When Motorola was bought out by Google there were some whispers that the company would no longer produce the droid devices but since Verizon and Motorola had come to an agreement the phones kept coming and last year the Droid line of phones had some of the features that made the Moto X a hit with many.

motorola droid ultra
The Motorola Droid Ultra / © evleaks

There are even more whispers now that even under the ownership of Lenovo, Motorola will still be producing another line of phones for Verizon in the United States. A Chinese source mentioned that the Droid that is set to come out this year will be built on the design of last year’s model which means there will be no reinvention of the wheel. The source also mentioned that more kevlar materials will be used to build this phone than last year’s. In last year’s Droid lineup, the big difference between the Ultra and the Maxx was the battery capacities and also the better looking and better gripping back of the Droid Maxx which was largely because of the kevlar materials used to build it.

There is still a lot more that has yet to come out as far as the Droid devices are concerned. There have been no details about the internals of the phone and no word on when the phone will drop except for a vague Q4. Specs close to what the Moto X will come out with are expected with the new Droid phones.

Are you looking forward to the new Motorola Droid phones coming out? Please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.


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  • Im a droid guy I can never go to a iPhone ever at one time I thought Motorola was coming out with them to fast well now they are not its been awhile I like to have the newest phones that come out I think I had every droid so far .
    I wish they would make the phones more water friendly as I li be in fl sometimes just talking the phone gets wet.
    I know they can so why not other then to sell more phones because of water damage come on guys make one hell of a phone that can get wet

  • What Is The Newest Droid Out. And WhenAnd What Is The Next one

  • battery also seems like the most concerning thing even for me. There are some custom batteries you can buy for some phones though to ensure a longer charge

  • I work construction and the extra long battery is a must, not having access to a charger all day means I depend on the battery, a awesome camera is needed for very sharp clear pictures for liability purposes on the job, and don't forget fun time, party's with the kids and family, we have quite a few of those, durability cause of the places I'm at and waterproof is something I really need, we work no matter what so that's a must, good size screen is also needed, not note book but around the 5 inch screen looks good, thankyou