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Nexus 10 Shows Up On Walmart Shelf Days Ahead Of Release

Nexus 10 Shows Up On Walmart Shelf Days Ahead Of Release


If you’re in the US and drooling over the prospect of owning a Nexus 10, you might just want to head over to your local Walmart store and run to the electronics department. Even though the release isn’t til November 13th, reports are coming in that Walmart has already started stocking the device, and as the picture inside shows, it seems that at least one Nexus 10 is already chilling on the shelf already just waiting to be bought.

The Nexus 10 in the photo is wedged between 2 Asus devices, and appears that the seal on it might already be broken. This could naturally be someone having fun with a tag printer and an old Samsung seal, but it could also be the real deal. The sighting was also brought to attention on XDA Developers, and shows a 32GB Nexus 10 for $499, which is the same price that Google will sell it for on the Play Store come November 13th:

If this is the real thing, it’s great to see Walmart selling it for the same price as Google, and not jacking the price up of the retail store model. The Nexus 10 is running Android 4.2, sports a jaw dropping 2560 x 1600 resolution, debuts Samsung’s new Cortex A15 dual core processor, and is packing 2GB of RAM.

So if you live in the US and want a chance of getting the device early, head on down to your local Walmart to see if they are stocking the device.

Let me know if you guys guys find it there (or in any other retail store)!

Source: Phones Review

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  • I am looking to purchase a tablet. My primary use will be business as I am a realtor so having it to show listings and GEO will be primary. The other use will be mail some office docs. I am not a gamer nor will I use it for movies although an occasional footbal game while sitting in an open house is highly likely!

    I have a samsung galaxy 3 phone and use windows on my PC's at home.

    What you suggest as far as the best purchase?

  • Now we know why Walmart is driving Best Buy out of business ... they're selling the same thing @ lower prices (they just need a better managed electronics department) ... its scary how one Company (Walmart) can take over all the real Stores in your neighborhood (your only direct competition is Online) ....

    C J

  • Oh, ok thanks :)

  • @Anna, I think it depends on the update. If it will reflash the kernel then you would lose root, otherwise you won't. I had instances when I updated my phone ota where I did not lose root - they were tweaks and upgrades on TW and some on android waaay back in GB. But I lost root on some updates and going up from GB to ICS.

  • Just one more question. If I install an official system update after I root the tablet, will I lose the root privileges and have to root it again?

  • Yes you can Anna! :-)

  • November 13th is also the approximate date the Transformer TF300T I bought on ebay will arrive :)) What a great day! Eric, I think I'll root my TF300T as soon as I get my hands on it, so that I won't have to do it later and lose data. I can still use all root apps without installing a custom ROM right?

  • Ti Mo Nov 9, 2012 Link to comment

    November 13th, what an epic day.. Blops 2 and Nexus 10

  • It's nice to see as everyone is looking for thinner bezels, Samsung is bucking the trend.

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