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Nexus 6 and Nexus 9: will they release on October 16th?

Rumors about a long-awaited release date, like in the case of the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, are a dime a dozen, but the minute it comes from someone well connected in the Android world, then it’s worth taking a second look at. This is precisely what happened today when trusted voice in the Android community Paul O'Brien made a very interesting tweet.

AndroidPIT Nexus Family
One new family member to the Nexus series seems likely, but will they stop there? / © ANDROIDPIT

In the tweet, O'Brien mentioned that an anonymous tipster dished some information about a release date for the HTC Nexus 9, and our ears perked instantly. O’Brien is also not one to spread information with no footing and his anonymous tipster may well be from within Google itself.

Up until now, we were certain we would see the next generation Nexus around Halloween, so the end of October. Though HTC scheduled yet another event on September 8th, there’s no way Google would let the company steal its thunder in presenting the new device. The HTC event can then be scratched off our list of potential dates.

In O'Brien’s tweet, he only talks about the Nexus 9, but if you know Google at all, you’ll know the company is not likely to present a new smartphone and tablet separately. In other words, if the Nexus 9 shows up on October 16, then the Nexus 6 or Nexus X or whatever it will be, will be hot on its heels.

Another saucy topic we can’t get enough of is Android L. This could be the date when we finally see the final version of the Android L release revealed, because it t wouldn’t make much sense for Google to present the hardware separate from the software.

Are we getting warmer with this latest tweet? Could the Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Android L really be just around the corner?

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  • If Google wants to capitalize on the Xmas Shopping Market? These devices need to be available for purchase before Thanksgiving Day (November).

    If Google wants to embrace the post Xmas Shopping (aka Gift Cards) Market? Then late December will do.

    If Google wants to embrace the Tax Return Market? Then March / April is the time to debut new NEXUS electronic products.