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Leaked: 32GB Nexus 7 Appears. Shipping On October 24th?

Leaked: 32GB Nexus 7 Appears. Shipping On October 24th?

While I’ve been hearing rumors over the past days about a 32GB Nexus 7, their authenticity hadn’t convinced me enough to take them too seriously. But with this newest leak, I believe I don’t have much of a choice. Not only has the device popped up in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory, it also popped up when a user attempted to purchase a Nexus 7 on an unknown website. If this information is accurate, then we could be seeing a 32GB Nexus 7 THIS month. I very much hope that this is true, as I personally feel that Google/Asus MUST release a 32GB version, and for good of reason.

Before I go into why, here is a screenshot of the leak, courtesy of Droid Life:

And here is the screenshot captured from Carphone Warehouse’s inventory, courtesy of Android Community:

We don’t know exactly which website the first screenshot came from, but if you Google product number “Nexus7 Asus-1b32”, you will find results from Buy.com and a few other sites that do list a 32GB model. The tipster who sent the screenshot also mentioned that he later discovered a shipping date for the device, which is listed for October 24th. Luckily, the 24th isn’t too far away, so we won’t have to wait long to see if it actually happens.

While this information does build somewhat of a case for a 32GB Nexus 7, we have to also consider the option that it’s simply an inventory listing that was never removed once the company learned that Google would only release 8 and 16GB options.

That being said, the small amount of storage in the Nexus 7 is one of the few things that turned me off about the tablet. For a phone, 16GB is fine for me (although I would prefer more). But for a tablet, which I use a lot to play games on, it simply doesn’t cut it due to the ever increasing size of Android apps and games. Games like The Bards Tale use almost 4GB alone, and if you want to play premium titles with that powerful Nexus 7 hardware, the small internal memory can become an issue. Couple that with a few gigs for music, pics, or a film or 2, and you're out of space really quickly. A 32GB version would change all that.

If the price of the 32GB version would be $259 (as shown), I would assume that the 16GB version will drop down to closer to $200. I could imagine this pissing off early adopters of the tablet, as I’m sure many would have gladly inested $50 more for 32GB if they would have had the option from the beginning.

All I need to see now is a 3G version, and a 10 inch version (with a 3G option as well) of the Nexus tablet....Christmas maybe?

What do you guys think? Is a 32GB Nexus 7 more appealing to you?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: abc.net.au, Android Community, Droid Life

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  • @CJ - I agree CJ. 8GB just doesn't make sense anymore, as apps are simply getting too big. I mean hell, The Bards Tale (awesome game btw) is a freakin 3.5 GB download!

  • I'll be waiting until after CES (as if that Convention matters anymore) before I decide upon a Tablet / Phablet ... I believe the days of 8gig Tablets are over (they're going to be @ least 16gig to 32gig) & I think Stores are going to have more sales to make room for new consumer electronic products (even E3 offered more of a glimpse @ what to expect for smart phones & tablets then CES did in 2012) ...

  • @Kevin - LOL. Good point!

    @Maq - That's weird...I will PM you my email address.

  • Mag J Oct 8, 2012 Link to comment

    Eric I've tried sending mail to you, but it isn't working... It saysI crossed quota but I didn't send even a single word ..(I'm not a spammer :) )

  • Would be a bit more believable if there wasn't an item for a Samsung Nexus 2 on there too. Also, the 'brown WiFi tablet' too? Hmm...

  • @Christopher - True that man. The price you pay for being an early adopter!

    @Owen - I think a lot of people will think EXACTLY the same as you bro. This will make a huge difference.

    @Glostermeteor - My next tablet is also a tough one. Galaxy Note 10.1 is really nice, and the new Padfone also looks interesting. But a 10 inch Nexus tablet with 3G would totally sell me!

  • Ive been wasting many hours over the last few weeks trying to figure out what tablet to buy and I think Ive decided to wait till Christmas, there are still loads of releases to come and if Apple release an iPad mini for 200 or so GBP then it will force the prices of Android tablets down. Bring it on.......

  • I have to agree..... I've been looking at the Archos range because I couldn't find a cheap high powered tablet, but if Google/Asus release a 32GB version than they would probably have me hook line and sinker :)

  • Eric, honestly, this is the exact reason I did not buy a Nexus 7.. Now it becomes more interesting... I may get one.

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