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Tablet Smackdown: Nexus 7 vs. iPad, Surface 8 Pro and Galaxy Tab 2
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Tablet Smackdown: Nexus 7 vs. iPad, Surface 8 Pro and Galaxy Tab 2

The Nexus 7 is a great device, but how does it compare to its competitors?

The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is probably the most similar, price-and-spec wise, followed by the Kindle Fire and Nook. The Microsoft Surface 8 Pro's price is unknown, but it could certainly end up competing for many of the same Nexus 7 customers. The new iPad, meanwhile, remains one of the best-selling options. Let's take a look at how these tablets compare!

As you can see, the Nexus 7's display, processor and battery beats that of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – and at $199 it's a full $50 cheaper. The Windows 8 Pro and the new iPad have larger, richer displays but it's unknown whether they're really faster. At $629, the iPad is by far the most expensive, although we don't yet know the price of the Windows Surface Pro, which could be as high as $800. 


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  • Nexus 7 in the future to give you much more than it already is

  • Oh, I missed another one - the Nexus 7 isn't nearly as thick as it is wide... :D

  • You're right. We've fixed the table. Thank you!

  • Oh please! This table is so full of errors...

    - iPad is 9.7", not 10.6".
    - The battery capacity of the Surface Pro is not exactly known, but with 4200 mAh, it will probably last less than an hour. It is stated as 42Wh but we would need the exact voltage of the device to calculate the mAh value - but it will be a lot more than 4200 for sure.
    - On the GTab2 1024 * 600 is suddenly FHD?

    Also, why the Surface PRO, that one is targeting a completely different segment. It is more an Ultrabook with detachable keyboard. For the non-Pro we still would have to wait for real facts for comparison though.