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Nexus Phone evolution: Three years in three seconds

Authored by: Sterling Keys — Nov 4, 2013

The Nexus 5 has finally landed after a long period of speculation and leaks. While we knew everything there was to know before the official announcement and release of the latest Nexus device, it’s always exciting to finally get the real scoop behind the devices and confirm our suspicions and see how close to the mark we were. For the majority, they’re right on the money. For others, I’m not quite sure what we were thinking about (2 different battery sizes, anyone?).  And so, the evolution of the Nexus smartphones continues: from a 3.7 inch Nexus One to the now 5 inch Nexus 5 and so much has happened since the original Nexus release.

nexus 5 time
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Thanks for the folks over at, we’ve been presented with a very awesome GIF that showcases the Nexus smartphone evolution over the past three years.  You can see the evolution of the handset design, as well as the changes to the Android OS in a blink of an eye and it is truly outstanding the amount of change that has happened in such a short time span. With the lackluster launch of the Nexus One compared to the blockbuster release of the Nexus 5, the Nexus story has definitely been a defining moment in the smartphone market, especially with the modest price tag that has been historically attached the these devices. 

history of google nexus 5

And while the Nexus line may not be the device of choice for many consumers, it’s slowly winning over the likes of people who have flocked to the “flagship” models of particular manufacturers. Being among this number of people who have been swayed over to the Nexus line, it is really interesting to see how the Nexus has progressed throughout the years. 

From all the way over on Vancouver Island, Sterling Keys started off his smartphone adventure with an HTC S710 equipped with Windows Mobile and knew there had to be something better. Over the next few years, and countless different operating systems, he has finally found his home on Android.

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  • Mark R. Nov 4, 2013 Link to comment

    I'm still getting use out of my Nexus S as a spare phone and it rides up front on my bike running endomondo. Fingers crossed that 4.4 finds it's way down to the S...

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