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Blast from the past: here's what old Nokia and Ericsson phones would look like today

The Nokia 3310 was one of the world's first widely-available phones that people would spend hours on doing something other than making calls and texting - namely playing Snake II.

androidpit nokia 3310 smartphone 4
We know Nokia's sold its soul to Microsoft, but we like to think that a 3310 smartphone would have run Android, rather than Windows Phone as imagined here © Curved

If the 3310 was the perfect teenagers' phone, then the Ericsson T28 - with its flip cover and chunky antenna - was the professional's phone which said, 'I mean business.' Between them, millions of these phones were sold.

And now, thanks to the creative work of 3D designer Martin Hajek, the German design site Curved has published beautiful concept renderings which morph these classic phones into retro-modern smartphones.

androidpit ericsson t27 smartphone
3D designer Martin Hajek redeemed himself by putting Android on his vision of an Ericsson T28 smartphone © Curved

These images may pluck at your nostalgic heartstrings, and even though they clearly belong in a world that does not exist, you might want to be in that world.

androidpit nokia 3310 smartphone 3
We'd hope that a 3310 smartphone would've had a plastic display like the original 3310, so it didn't shatter like the smartphones of today/ © Curved

If there's just one thing that we'd change about these great concepts, it's that the Nokia 3310 - the greatest feature phone ever made - shouldn't run Windows Phone, but Android - the greatest mobile OS ever made. Safe to say we all agree on that?

androidpit ericsson t27 smartphone 2
A smartphone with a flip cover and antenna. Maybe one day these two features will make a comeback? / © Curved

Which phone would you rather have owned in this alternative reality? A Nokia 3310 smartphone (you can pretend it comes with Android), or an Ericsson T28 smartphone?


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  • Defo the 3310. I loved the Nokia, in the good old days. I'm thinking of going back to em, for my Android needs. I can't get away from Android just yet. hahaha. I used to use a Nokia BEFORE Samsung anyways.

  • Ray Mar 15, 2015 Link to comment

    Nokia 5300 express music was my first phone, want to see it making a comeback on Android, would love to go with it...

  • Nokia 5110.. my first..

  • Dell Feb 17, 2015 Link to comment

    Nokia 3310! But I would love to see a Nokia 5110 smartphone!

  • 8
    Yanwyn Feb 16, 2015 Link to comment

    Could be interested in the Ericsson phone, but only if it's made in Scandinavia.

  • I would totally rock one of these!

  • My first phone was a Nokia 3210 so I'm gonna choose the 3310 in this article. They should really make these phones again. Pretty sure they will be hits again :)

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