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Nokia Blasts Google for Making Their Open Ecosystem "More Closed."

Nokia Blasts Google for Making Their Open Ecosystem "More Closed."

The strategy at any struggling company is simple: blame your competitors for your problems. That's exactly what Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop seemed to do during a presentation concerning the company's Q4 2012 earnings. Those who had dreams of seeing Jelly Bean running on a Lumia device: sorry, but it looks like Elop just crushed 'em.

While discussing Android's fragmentation, Elop said that it was "offset by Google's efforts to turn an open ecosystem into one that's quite a bit more closed." It seems the statement is referencing the fact that Google recently dropped support for Exchange ActiveSync, making it much harder for anyone to access their GMail account on a Windows device. Google also seems uninterested in developing apps for Nokia's favored platform.

However, Elop's recent statements seem to contradict what the Spanish paper from a few weeks ago, when he was feeling so charitable towards Google that he even suggested Nokia might one day create an Android smartphone. When asked whether the company had entirely ruled out launching a smartphone running Google's software in 2013, Elop replied that Nokia was looking into "what role Android or other things" might play in the company's future.

But with his current statements, it appears the Nokia CEO has closed the door to these speculations with one fell swoop. The dream of owning an Android designed by Nokia may remain just that.

While it's worth noting that Google could do more to play nice with others, I'm guessing Elop dropped the statement just to distract the media from their quarterly earnings report.

Source: The Verge

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  • This is not a right way to grab fame global market. I think Nokia should not blame on Google that their marketing value is Down due Google interpretation.

  • If Nokia had gone with Android, they would have started being profitable again about two years ago.

  • That's Nokia's loss (in my opinion) and it would be Microsoft's loss not to sync Android Smart Phones with their Xbox (Android Smart Phone users will have more reason to synch with Sony's Playstation 3, if Microsoft behaves this way) ...

    The moral to this story? Sometimes you got to find a way to be cooperative and compatible with your fellow Consumer Electronic Co's, or you can go back to your lab and douche ...

  • Darryl Jan 25, 2013 Link to comment

    If Nokia embraced Android, it could have possibly been far more successful, perhaps more successful than Samsung.
    But we all know Elop is a Microsoftie, so the decision to focus on Windows Phone is not surprising.

  • Microsoft is the biggest giant of technology. If you just wait a couple years, especially after the new Xbox is released, you'll agree with me. Nokia is playing things smart. You will see.

  • Google is the biggest giant of technology, if Nokia would have understood couple a year ago, Nokia would have become the back bone of the giant, as you can see the company which claimed that they are the world's most secured os developer also joined hands with .apk file.
    I would not use black berry joined with google cause its just the beginning, well it's all well that ends well.
    "best of luck Nokia wish to see you make good smart phones utleast this year"

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