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Hey Nokia/Microsoft...Is The Lumia 920 Honestly The Best You Can Do?

Hey Nokia/Microsoft...Is The Lumia 920 Honestly The Best You Can Do?


I’m not only laughing on the inside right now, but on the outside as well. Nokia took to Twitter a few hours ago to brag about how they are going to “eat Jelly Beans” for breakfast with their new device today, and after watching them unveil the Lumia 920, a few words come to mind: “LOL”, “Are you serious?”, **facepalm**, “Nice camera!”, and most importantly, “Is that the best you got?”. After confidently talking about eating Android Jelly Beans for breakfast, I really expected a hell of a lot more than this, and had actually hoped to see something groundbreaking. Well, that certainly didn’t happen.

So, what’s the Lumia 920 packing? The device comes with a dual core 1.5Ghz processor, 32GB storage, 1GB RAM, a 4.5 inch WXGA 720P display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 (332 PPI), is LTE capable, has a 2000mAh battery, ships with Windows 8, and is packing an 8.7MP camera (no word yet on price or availability). It’s available in Yellow, Red, White, Gray, and Black colors, and...this is a big one people... **drumroll**....it can be used with mittens, as Nokia demonstrated live here:

Ooookaaaaaay....moving on...

(I am honestly interested to know how the mitten thing works, but the way they showcased it forces me to make fun of it)

Is this a bad phone? Not at all! Specs are solid, it’s, um...colorful, it’s LTE capable, and its on par with quite a few Android MID LEVEL phones in terms of hardware. I can even understand how some could really like the design and look of the phone. But is it anything groundbreaking? Is this the device that “eats Android for breakfast”? Hellz to the no.

If this is honestly the very best that Nokia has, just quit now. Now don’t get me wrong...I am intrigued by Windows 8, and think that it can definitely create a disturbance in the Android and Apple ecosystem. But if the Lumia 920 is the device that Nokia honestly feels will get them back in the game, they need to THINK AGAIN. 

In not one single solitary way is this phone in any way shape or form revolutionary. Throughout the entire presentation, my thought was "so..that's it?" I mean, they were literally bragging about being able to take screenshots and pinch to zoom on the device, as if those were somehow "new" functions. The only thing that makes it somewhat interesting is the fact that it runs Windows 8 and its camera. I like that the phone has the ability to remove images from any photo that you take, and that the lens is able to take absorb up to 5 times more light than current smartphones without flash. Those are cool features without a doubt, but certainly nothing that eats Jelly Beans for breakfast.

Dear Nokia/Microsoft: The next time you wish to dog Android, please bring out a device that can actually back up your words, and not just a great camera with a phone function.

Picture credits (mittens): The Verge

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  • @Christopher- I have a feeling it will be pretty damn fast. I must admit that most newer Windows phones I have played with are pretty solid in terms of performance.

    @Patrick - True. Updates should be a big deal to anyone who purchases any Win 8 phone. I will see if I can find out more about that.

    @Raúl - That's a fair point. It's not the specs I'm knocking though...it's the idea that they feel these mid range specs can "eat Jelly Beans" for breakfast. Nokia and Microsoft are just silly. When this device starts selling well, THEN they can talk smack. But specwise, it's nothing we haven't already seen in multiple Android devices.

    @Neils - LOL. If it does, I would buy it. :-D

  • I wonder if it comes with mittens?

  • We have to be fair with nokia, even a dual core android device with a good ROM can beat many Premium devices, and even with stock ROM have very good perfomance, did you look at new benchmark scores of Sony's TX, T and V ?? are better even than "the android's flagship" galaxy S3, so, why can't nokia make an "android killer" with those specs??

  • @christopher, it may well be a blazing dud! Haha. I am sure it is fine, those specs would be from MS, i would imagine.

    But is it future proof? Can it or will it run WM9 or 10, the way an older single core Android phone runs ICS or JB? Or will it be like the iPhone 3GS struggling to open its contact list on the latest mockery of an update it got?

  • My other concern is can it be upgraded on the future? Can the present crop of phones running WM8 make the transition to WM9 and beyond, well okay, maybe not beyond, just one major update with 2 years of service life will serve as my bare minimum.

    Sorry, I was spoiled by my SGS running like new on JB, granted that the ROM"s not official Sammy and I have to thank a great dev community and support for it, but I have yet to see a windows phone receive a major update (please correct me if I am wrong about the updates in WM)

  • I have to agree, we still do not know what the new Windows8 requirements are. This thing may be blazingly fast.. Or a dud :-)

  • Good points Patrick. I'm sure Windows 8 will run just fine with those specs, but I seriously doubt they would price this device at 399. If they did though, they would certainly have my attention :-D

  • Although to be honest, Win Mobile's "flagships" fails to impress. As a former user of WM on a samsung full qwerty phone - so forgetable i even forgot what it was called, Black Jack, i think, unless they price it right, not even gonna consider it.

  • Well, hopefully Win Mobile does not require too much resources. Sammy's own ativ has similar specs. Maybe pricing is the key here. For all we know, it is a USD 300 (yeah right) phone. At that price l, okay even up to USD 400 for the conduction charging, I'd happily give it a shot. Maybe get a GNote 2 or Nexus AND a Lumia and sell my SGS and SGNote. Lol.

  • ROFL! Well put Aliasgar...in 2009 this phone was all that!

  • Lol... What they have got is 2 year old groundbreaking technology! :P

  • Winterfinger...hmm...I seem to remember reading something about them. I will check them out.

    And yeah..Nokia and Windows really have a long way to go. Not sure how that partnership will turn out in the long run.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Sep 5, 2012 Link to comment

    I just really don't like Win Mobile...

    Have you heard of Winterfinger? It's a company in Berlin and they make Gloves which work on Touchscreens.

  • Not sure anyone can expect more from Nokia. Has MS even eased the hardware restrictions for this go-around? If you can't re-skin the OS or make any significant changes, how are any of the manufacturers going to stand out? It's gonna be a race to see who can put the best camera in a phone.

  • That honestly made me lol :-D

    I mean, it's not a BAD phone...but it's certainly not anywhere near impressive enough to be talking so much smack about.

    The mitten thing was AWESOME.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Sep 5, 2012 Link to comment

    Thanks xD

    No really, someone should end their misery. It's not a nice thing to watch.

  • "A horse with a broken hoof"= LOL.

    Very nicely worded :-D

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Sep 5, 2012 Link to comment

    Since i had a Htc Desire Nokia is dead to me. A horse with a broken hoof.

    I Also would rather use IOS than Win Mobile... Uuuuarghs.

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