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No, you shouldn't buy your Nokia N1 from this 'official' Chinese takeaway

No, you shouldn't buy your Nokia N1 from this 'official' Chinese takeaway

In one of the more bizarre Android scams of recent memory, an official-looking Nokia Shop appeared in the UK taking pre-orders for the excellent Nokia N1 tablet. It even got promoted on GSMArena. But when AndroidPIT tried to contact the site, our email was promptly returned with a “delivery to the following recipient failed permanently” message. Intrigued, we did a little digging and uncovered a few slightly peculiar facts.

The first of which was that the company listed on the nokiashop.co.uk site was Colourful (2018) Limited – a three-month old company for which we could find no connection to Nokia. We checked the postal address of the company listed on the website and found that it's actually a Chinese restaurant called Oriental Pearl.

AndroidPIT fake nokia store uk
This splash page may look legit, but it belongs to a Chinese takeaway shop. / © Colourful (2018) Limited

Smelling a rat (no pun intended), we then looked up the address under which the company was registered and found that almost 6,000 other businesses are registered at the same address.

So we contacted Nokia directly and were told by a Nokia spokesman that “the online store referenced in the GSMArena.com report is not affiliated to nor authorised by Nokia. We are investigating and will take whatever actions are necessary to protect our brand. To date the Nokia N1 tablet has only been launched in China and Taiwan.”

AndroidPIT not the official nokia shop uk
No, this is not the official Nokia Shop in the UK. / © Google

So there you have it. As enticing as a dim sum Nokia N1 combo may sound, you should probably wait for a slightly more legit outlet to buy it from. Since we contacted Nokia we've noticed a new banner has appeared on the site stating it is a demo store for testing purposes.

We're not saying this was all a big Nokia N1 scam — it could all just be a misunderstanding — but it certainly looks that way. At the very least we now know a good place for Peking Duck in Nottingham.

AndroidPIT fake Nokia store UK Nokia N1
British fans of the Nokia N1 will have to wait a little longer than your average Chinese takeaway order to get their hands on the Nokia N1. / © Colourful (2018) Limited

Are you a fan of the Nokia N1? Have you ever been taken in by a tech scam?

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  • Hi, a message for Kris. My name is Phil and I am the Operations Manager for the company that is based in offices above the Chinese Restaurant - not a takeaway! The Nokia Shop business is genuine and I would like to set the record straight about us and what has happened in recent days.
    The owner of the business who also owns this restaurant and other businesses has a number of high level contacts in Hong Kong and one of them is the Hong Kong partner of Foxconn - Foxconn manufacture the N1 and have the global distribution rights. Some 3 months ago he was asked whether it was feasible to set up a company in the UK to sell the NI here and in Europe and a team was put together to do this.
    We initially registered www.nokiashop.co.uk and sought permission from Hong Kong and China to use it - we assumed this included getting permission from Nokia. It turns out this didn't happen and last week Nokia asked us to remove the URL.
    We are urgently re-branding the business - Colourful Tech - and this will be completed by the end of the week. We have also apologised to Nokia for the concerns caused.
    We now have a distribution arrangement in place to bring European versions of the N1 into the UK, a test batch of 100 arrived yesterday, and batches of 1000 are available at 3 days notice. We have up to 100,000 available in a European form should sales be at that level.
    The price is very competitive at £219 and we include postage and packing with this.
    We regret the problems caused with the original url, not wholly of our making, and we are also disappointed that some people have made suggestions that because the business is based above a Chinese Restaurant it is therefore a fake - not the case at all! We have access to a strong stock and support network with a direct partner of Foxconn and this is in place to bring the N1 into the UK.
    For further information, and to receive a test unit, please contact me at phil@colourfultech.co.uk. Thanks

  • freaking racists! even dogs could sell stuffs on the internet without revealing their ethnicity or breed!