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North Korea's Kim Jong Un Weighs In on the Apple vs. Android Debate
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North Korea's Kim Jong Un Weighs In on the Apple vs. Android Debate

Dictators: they're just like us!

North Korea is being closely watched for conducting nuclear missile testing. Is the country preparing for an attack against the U.S.? Who knows. What we do know is where North Korea's glorious leader, Kim Jong Un, stands on the whole iPhone vs. Android debate. And if this photo is real, Un's an Android dude.

The photo, originally published in China Times, shows Kim Jong Un sitting in a meeting with the hot HTC Butterfly smartphone. This choice makes sense, given North Korea's tension with Samsung's home turf South Korea. HTC, made in Taiwan, seems to be a safer bet. It doesn't have the same connotation as an iPhone – ie, a Western product – and it won't get anyone in Soeul excited about resuming peace talks. That said, Taiwan and China relations are tense, and China is North Korea's only real ally. Oh well, c'est la vie. "I guess this means Kim Jong Un doesn't care about expandable storage or removable batteries!" – every Android fan ever.

It may seem silly to be considering such a trivial matter, especially when North Korea just released a video of a missle hitting New York City, but hey: we're an Android site. This is what we do.

It's also worth noting that the vast majority of North Korean citizens have no access to smartphones, or Internet, making any smartphone sighting in the country notable. Here's hoping this is the most interesting news we'll read about in the country over the next year. 

Source: Unwired View


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