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Notification Launcher - a quicker way to start your apps

Many Samsung fans might still find certain things quite annoying about the manufacturer's user interface TouchWiz. Normally, you can open Google Search from pretty much anywhere in Android by pulling your finger upwards on the screen. In order to do this, the keys must be presented on the display. That being said, it's a well-known fact that Samsung uses a combination of physical and soft keys. I ran into an app called Notification Launcher which should help solve the problems mentioned above. Whether it really does will be discussed in today's app test review.

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Features & Use

When you start up Notification Launcher, you are directly prompted to set up which apps can be launched within the notifications. In order to do this, you tap on the free space in line 1 and select which app, short-cut or toggle you would like to insert.

There are toggles for WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, screen rotation, mute button, airplane mode, screen time-out, USB tethering, WiFi tethering, brightness and syncing.

After inserting each individual element, you're able to modify icons and their positions. Unfortunately, altering the position of an icon doesn't work with drag & drop as before: you need to tap on the icon and choose ''move left/right''. This isn't very intuitive, but not a tragic loss.

Once you've selected your desired settings, tap on the button on the top right where a notification will pop out giving you access to apps, short-cuts and/or toggle switches.

If you aren't happy with the changes, you're able to insert more rows as well as change the color. In most cases, these look the best when transparent.

There are also a few more options within the app. For one, you can either choose to have the apps start when the smartphone turns on so that you will be shown the notifications right away. You will also find settings on the size and direction of each icon.

Bottom Line

Notification Launcher is a minimalistic app which fulfills its purpose perfectly and nothing more. The design and controls aren't that amazing, but other than that the app was completely fine.

Screen & Controls

I didn't really enjoy the controls for Notification Launcher and the design isn't very modern. Even the start button has a typo. To make matters worse, there's no drag & drop either.

Speed & Stability

Notification Launcher worked quickly and stably.

Price/Performance Ratio

Notification Launcher is free of charge and is advertisement-free. You can get it in the Google Play Store.  


Notification Launcher - a quicker way to start your apps Notification Launcher - a quicker way to start your apps

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