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Notre Dame's Google searches beat Sri Lanka by a landslide

Notre Dame's Google searches beat Sri Lanka by a landslide

Two disasters shook the world last week: the burning of the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame, which claimed no fatalities, and the attacks in Sri Lanka, where almost 300 people have died and 500 have been injured. Without going into which of the two is more important, because it is so obvious that I believe it is not necessary, a fact has caught our attention. The Google searches for the fire in the Parisian cathedral were 7 times as many in number than those looking for Sri Lanka.

According to data provided by Google Trends, the search results are overwhelmingly higher in case of the fire that hit Notre Dame last April 15 than on the attacks on the island. Facts that speak for themselves. Far from entering into a moral debate, we are all aware of the amount of money contributed for the restoration of the Gothic monument in record time, it is surprising how an incident as serious and bloody as the one that occurred in Sri Lanka last Sunday awakens less interest in Internet users across the planet.

google trends sri lanka notre dame
Only three countries in the world were searched for more Sri Lanka on Google / © Google Trends

In only three countries did the chain of attacks surpass the disaster in the French cathedral. These were India, Indonesia and the neighboring United Arab Emirates. And this illustrates a lot of things about the society we live in.

Thanks to closeness, both in distance and culture, people in Europe and the United States more aware (or worried) about what was happening in the French city than what was happening in another part of the world.

Although the great G has not published the exact number of searches, according to Trends, France, Mexico, Argentina, Italy and Brazil had 90 percent more searches of Notre Dame than Sri Lanka. In the 24 hours in which both incidents occurred, Google Trends also indicates that the fire in Paris registered between 5 and 9 times more search interests than the massacre on the Asian island.

What do you think of this data? Does it surprise you? 

Source: Al Jazeera

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  • The kind of society we live in. Last century was full of genocides. As a matter of fact, last millennium was full of genocides. 100AD to 1000AD was a period of cultural genocide where the two major monotheistic creeds annihilated the beautiful ancient culture of Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, South Central Asia, Asia Minor etc. Then, the next millennium followed horrific inquisition against heathens and jihad against kafirs/muhsriks in the two American continents (inquisition) and India (both), Africa (both) and many other places. The harrowing tales, those unspeakable horrors are too painful to be discussed.

  • Most of the victims were Sri Lankans, however, dozens of foreigners are also among the dead. So far there has been no claim of responsibility.