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Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point
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Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point

So—we've all heard of Microsoft's PowerPoint, correct? Most of us will have even used it – multiple times – to help create school/university/work presentations. And while we've seen Android apps that can help us manage such presentations, we had yet to stumble across an app that would also allow us to create, open, edit and display a PP presentation.

Enter Office 2012: Presentations. This app promises to make all of this possible—and if the developers' Excel and Word counterparts - which we tested for you back in December and January - are anything to go by, our hopes were high going into our test runs. Find out how our App Of the Week did in today's review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 2012.704

Features & Use

Tested on:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2

With the other two SoftMaker apps we tested for you, the first step was to install the license key. With Office 2012: Presentations, this was not even necessary. After the start of the app you will find yourself on the landing screen, which looks like an empty slide. A function bar with the main features is located below. Here's an overview:

  • Keyboard: To access keyboard and edit texts
  • File: To create, open and save presentations, as well as export them as PDFs
  • Edit: To undo the last step(s), copy/cut text, search for text or select slides
  • Format: Bold, cursive, lists, etc.
  • Slide: To switch between various slides or start up new slides
  • Zoom: Select display size
  • Play: Start a presentation
  • Help: Display the help section

All of these functions have sub-features which will pop up when you click them. The effect is therefore nice and tidy and rather easy to navigate. Furthermore, the sub-bars can be edited via the options menu. And if that isn't enough, you can find a few more features in the menu.

There are several view modes for seeing presentations as an overview, outline or detail view or only seeing the notes.

Another cool feature is the option to open local files as well as files stored no externally on Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote.

The Office 2012: Presentations settings offer a few fun features such as an automatic backup function which helps ensure that your work isn't lost should the app crash. Dictionaries for several languages can be downloaded, meaning that you can use spell check in many different languages.

Bottom line:

Much like Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile and Office 2012: PlanMaker Mobile, Office 2012: Presentations impressed us. This is a nice and compact mobile version of PowerPoint that has a few options on board that will help make creating/editing/showing presentations that much easier. I especially like that there's an integrated cloud feature and a PDF export function.

All text fields can be edited, and animations were added via computer can be viewed without a problem. It isn't possible to add animations or pics from within the app, unfortunately.

Screen & Controls

Office 2012: Presentations comes in a great design that is suited to a T for users who want to use this app actively. It's easy to navigate and finding your way round it takes no time at all.

The display of the actual presentation is very true to life (or rather: to the version of the presentation you would see on the screen of a computer). Background pics and animations run fluidly, and overall I have so say that I've never before tested a Power Point app that has done so well in this department!

What this boils down to is that I can leave my laptop at home as of now: when I have to give a presentation I will simply cable up my smartphone/tablet and Bob's your uncle. Awesome!

Speed & Stability

Office 2012: Presentations performed fluidly throughout our test runs, but there were a few glitches along the road. Firstly, we would occasionally receive error reports and the app would have to be closed. Secondly, opening presentations, especially larger ones, can take a while.

Overall, Office 2012: Presentations gets a “good” rating in this category.

Price/Performance Ratio

Office 2012: Presentations usually goes for €7.98 but as our app of the week (11 March – 17 March) it is on sale at a special discount price of only €4.99. If you're going to go for it, now is the time to do so.

If you would like to check out the app's performance for yourself before committing, try the 30 day trial version.


Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point Office 2012: Presentations – A mobile Power Point

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