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Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android
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Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android

Last month, just in time for Christmas, we reviewed PlanMaker Mobile for you and chose it as our app of the week. This week we're bringing you Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile. Does it do as well as the Excel version? Find out in our review.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 2012.704

Features & Use

Test device:
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1

If you're familiar with PlanMaker by know you'll know that after downloading Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile the first step will be to receive a license key, which I did not wind up needing in my test runs.

The landing screen brings you to the heart of the app's functionality: i.e. an empty page.
Check the bottom part of the display for the most important categories:

  • Keyboard: Access keyboard
  • File: All stock functions (open; save as; properties; send and export as PDF)
  • Edit: Copy, Paste and all other generic functions
  • Format: Bold, italics, font sizes, colours, etc.
  • Track changes and make comments: Insert comments, etc.
  • View: Set the zoom
  • Help: Access the help feature

The menu is just as clear and concise:

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Format
  • Insert
  • More (Table, Comments, Changes, Statistics, Settings...)

As you can see, the menu harbours the same functions as the button display in the main view.

TextMaker is clearly based on a Microsoft Office example—a smart choice if you ask me, as this way most users shouldn't have any trouble simply diving right into editing texts.

Settings allow you to adjust the app slightly according to your personal preferences. For instance, you can activate auto correct (for capitalising words at the beginning of sentences, URLs, etc.), as well as configure and set spell check for several languages.

My personal highlight feature: the cloud integration. This little function makes it possible to sign into Dropbox, Evernote or Google Docs via the internal file explorer, and then open and edits docs from there.
Another fun feature: users can configure buttons in the two categories, meaning you can assign those functions you are likely to use the most straight to the UI.

Interesting and useful: check the statistics to see how many characters/words/paragraphs/etc. are in a given doc, as well as the average word count, a feature which – correct me if I'm wrong – not even Microsoft Word has to offer.

The only small setback we encoutered was that TextMaker Mobile will crash, not very often, but it did happen once or twice during our test runs. Also, I was not able to make use of the option to insert a graphic from the camera. The app would quite simple freeze and become unresponsive.
If it weren't for these two minor issues we would've awarded TextMaker Mobile a full five stars!

Bottom line:

Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile is just as useful and easy to use as Office 2012: PlanMaker Mobile. It works out very well and is basically a fully compatible Word solution for Android.
Navigating the app is nice and easy and I think especially tablet users will be able to benefit from this tool.
Added bonuses, such as cloud integration and PDF exporting feature, round the whole thing off nicely. 

Screen & Controls

Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile has a lot to offer and navigating the app is a piece of cake. It resembles Microsoft Word quite closely, which should mean familiar territory for many of you.
The design suits the app's features nicely.


Speed & Stability

As mentioned, Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile crashes infrequently, but it has been known to crash. Aside from this the app runs well.


Price/Performance Ratio

Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile usually goes for €7.98 but as our app of the week (until January 20th) you can snag it up for only €4.99. A fair price considering the app's functionality.

If you're interested in testing the app before purchasing it, check out the 30 day trial period option.



Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile – A text tool for Android

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