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Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office?
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Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office?

I never understood why some maths teachers banned calculators. I mean, sure, training one's brain to do a bit of simple mental arithmetic is never a bad thing (and will help prevent making a royal fool of oneself, as was the case with me just recently at the check out counter), but neither is learning how to make the best out of a good calculator! Office calculators proved to help make certain tasks and calculations a lot easier. If you're also a calculator fan, check out our review of Office Calculator Pro.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.4.0 5.2.4

Features & Use

Office Calculator Pro can take over a lot of your workload when employed correctly.

Virtual register tape

Tape can be a bit of a lifesaver when there's question of how a certain sum was attained. Office Calculator Pro comes with a special tape view thanks to which you can double check the last 500 lines that have been calculated. This is the sort of instance in which it really makes sense to have an office calculator, and not a scientific or more standard calculator.
It strikes me that having a feature that would allow users to export the virtual tape via email or text file would make a lot of sense and be quite handy. Unfortunately, this feature is not (yet?) included.

Calculation features

Floating points and fixed points are absolutely not the same thing, and while using one instead of the other won't make a dramatic difference when doing simple calculations it will prevent from getting precise results, which is why it makes perfect sense to use floating points. The app has a floating point arithmetic that has 64 bits as per IEEE standard (double precision).

Figures can be rounded up or down or 5/4. Calculating percentages is also a cinch, and the tape feature helps keep track of everything.
Office calculators don't tend to have point before line calculation options, and the same is true for today's featured app. This means Office Calculator Pro is made for handling office tasks, but not complex calculations.

Bottom line:

Again, Office Calculator Pro is not a scientific calculator. It's perfectly suited for handling office tasks or home economics and we recommend it especially thanks to its great virtual tape option.


Screen & Controls

Using Office Calculator Pro is pretty much like using a real calculator. The keys are placed intuitively and in a manner that makes them easy to use. The app has three skins (Fresh, Tender and Grays) which help mix things up a bit, and the landscape view is great (once it's been activated in the settings, that is).


Speed & Stability

Office Calculator Pro performed nicely throughout our test runs.


Price/Performance Ratio

Office Calculator Pro costs € 1.29 and can be found in the App Center.
A free version (with ads) is also available from the App Center.

Here ye, here ye! The full premium version is our app of the week and available for a short time only for a special discounted price of € 0.59, so get it while it's hot!


Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office? Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office? Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office? Office Calculator Pro – Made for the office?

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