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OnePlus One: would you destroy your smartphone to get a free one?
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OnePlus One: would you destroy your smartphone to get a free one?

For the launch of the OnePlus One, the company has emailed those who had subscribed for their newsletter to join the Smash the Past competition, basically meaning that participants who want to be considered to be one of the lucky 100 winners must destroy their feature smartphones in a creative way to get a new OnePlus One for 1$.

oneplusone smash your phone
© OnePlus

This is no joke, the company really sent out this email today where the participant must do three things: apply, stand out among by participating on their forums and social networks, and lastly smash and share, meaning posting a video of them destroying their own feature phone in the hopes of getting the new OnePlus One. You also need to choose which device you want to blow to bits, and from the list they have there, it must be an expensive feature phone, the oldest phone on the list probably being the Galaxy Note 2. So, there is no guarantee that you will win a phone, but you will definitely not have the one you have destroyed.

Link to the video

On top of winning a new smartphone, you will also get three invites to buy the devices, because it actually isn’t available to the general public just yet.

This entire competition is in my opinion a pretty bad idea, and I wouldn’t risk breaking my perfectly good phone to get this one. Never settle? Well before you are tempted to do this, just take in consideration that 100 isn’t a lot and you probably won’t win unless you take make a video like this person destroying a Galaxy S5 with an .50 cal.

What dou you think of the concept behind their competition and PR stunt? Is it fun or just plain old waste?

Source: OnePlus Smash


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  • My1 Apr 28, 2014 Link to comment

    @Loie did you read my post?

    You are stating Plain wrong things, especially when I look in the FAQ:
    "When should I smash my phone?

    Only after you receive an email informing you that you have been selected to smash your phone. Do not smash your phone before being selected, as you may not be one of the 100 chosen smashers."
    Do not smash your phone before being selected is even underlined...

    Is this article just a hunt for clicks?

    not ranting, just staiting the truth...

  • Obviously a good marketing idea that's cost the company next to nothing...it's got us all talking about it hasn't it! And with all those videos of people smashing their old phones for the chance of a new one, it's a cool idea.

  • No (lol) but its a great marketing gimmick .... I will wait and purchase a 1+ when its available for consumers (I won't kiss your a$$ to get on a "special list" , I will read & watch reviews 1st, then make a choice as a consumer) ....

  • Typo in the second last line.

  • Haha...HELL NO! not my Nexus 5 at least...

  • I registered a few days ago in the hope that I could smash my old xperia arc, or an old wildfire that's been at the bottom of a drawer for ages, in exchange for one. But not my Nexus...

  • My1 Apr 25, 2014 Link to comment

    Also wait a sec. Not everyone smashes and applies, BUT 100 chosen ones smash after being chosen...
    At start I really questioned the sanity of that gamble (and everyone thinking of participating) but quote on quote from your source:
    Want the One? Follow this 3 step process:

    1. Apply - Fill out the application form and send it in.

    2. Stand Out - We'll choose 100 applicants to be our smashers.

    3. Smash & Share - Share a video of your smash on YouTube and the OnePlus One will be yours!

  • My1 Apr 25, 2014 Link to comment

    But seriously add that feature in the app, it's really annoying having to ask every time I wanna know...

  • http://oneplus.net/smash here you go....

  • My1 Apr 25, 2014 Link to comment

    Pls add an app readable source...