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OnePlus proposes charitable alternative to smashing your smartphone

OnePlus proposes charitable alternative to smashing your smartphone

It seems that OnePlus may have come to their senses. After first announcing that 100 lucky participants would have the chance to win the new OnePlus One for $1 if they were willing to destroy their current smartphone in the ''Smash the Past'' contest, the startup released a new announcement that you can actually put your current smartphone to a much more charitable use, instead of smashing it to smithereens.

androidpit oneplus contest
The contest is over to get the OnePlus One for $1: would you destroy or donate your old phone? © OnePlus

Two weeks ago when the OnePlus One was revealed, an invitation was sent to all inviting them to sign up and announce how they would destroy their current smartphone, which according to the competition rules needed to be high end like the Nexus 5. Out of 140,000 applicants, some of the best proposed methods were flamethrower, demolishing with a homemade potato gun or cooking spaghetti bolognese with it as the main ingredient. This decision, which the startup company said ‘stemmed from a conversation a few of us had’, which probably happened in a drunken night, really didn’t play well with tech magazines over the web who strongly criticized the company for this catastrophical PR move.

oneplusone smash your phone
The many ways people thought of destroying their phones are original, but wasteful! © OnePlus

The lash out from tech journalists probably got the team over at OnePlus thinking, because there are much better ways for putting an ‘old’ phone to use, even if they want to revolutionize the industry. Instead of wasting it, and all the precious materials that make a phone, the 100 chosen winners have the option of donating their phone to a charity called medicmobile.org. The organisation is nonprofit and recycles old phones for use by healthcare workers in remote areas around the planet. I wonder if the charitable group stepped forward and suggested this alternative to OnePlus. In a statement from Medic Mobile, they said:

You're giving the best new tech out there for $1 and recycling users’ existing phones for good. And then we're turning those 100 phones into 1,000 phones for people that were left behind with the tech revolution. It brings it full circle in a really interesting way.

What would you do? Destroy your phone for fun or recycle it for a better cause?

Via: Android Community Source: OnePlus

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  • I'm glad there was a change to suggest something charitable vs just destroying your old smart phone

  • Donate. Don't Hate!

  • and done similar few yr back with a BB and somehow my Twitter username was hacked it was factory reset,no s/d card etc and took me till just before Xmas to regain control of it so I'd be wary of where I was donating my phone to as the IP traces were showing Venezuela + Georgia still not sure how exactly it was done but was an alledged charity who No. etc checked out.
    just sayin

  • That's a really good point Leonardo. I think that this was really a silly idea from OnePlus.

  • I would not use a oneplus 1 device, just because of their smashing suggestion, what a stupid idea. why would I want to damage my nexus 5? how about passing it down to my wife or my niece or even a less fortunate friend.

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