OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again?

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Sep 27, 2010

Let me guess: you also tend to forget to do things? You were meant to post a letter today and go shopping for tomorrow evening, right?
Well, I was meant to do those things, but I managed to forget everything again, despite the fact that I own a phone that can do pretty much everything. But can it help me to remember what’s still on my to-do list? Read on to find out if this app can do just that.

Download from the Android Market (only possible when using the Android Browser).


Reviewed version Latest version
1.32 1.973

Features & Use

I’m not a big fan of alarm clock functions or reminders, which is why I’m so pleased with this app. It can be used in two ways: as a memo app like, e.g., Note Everything, or as a note widget. In order to make sure that I don’t forget anything I installed the little widget (1x2) on my homescreen, and can thus jot things down on my to-do list.

It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer a to-do list or something like StatusNote to help you remember certain things, and I want to avoid making obvious judgments like “this is better than that”, because ultimately it comes down to personal preferences. There are certainly enough notes and to-do apps to choose from… I just happen to really like OnePunch Notes.

The functions are:

• Write notes (as notes or as to-do, i.e. ticking things off)
• Sort note into folders
• Sort notes and folders according to date and alphabetically
• Widgets in different colors and sizes (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1)

Once you open the app you’ll see a bar near the bottom that shows the following options in the form of symbols:

• Add a note
• Show folders
• Show notes
• Sort according to date / name
• Set checks for to-do

If you press on the menu button you will find the following options:

• Search
• Add
• Manage Folder
• Reminder List
• Settings

Search and Add are self-explanatory. In order to sort through your folders press Manage Folder. You can also delete folders or sort them according to date/name. This will allow you to get a good overview, especially for those of you out there who like to make a lot of notes because you’re week is always really packed.

You can make further adjustments via Settings, such as creating a backup of all of your notes or exporting your notes. I don’t think making a backup of notes to your SD card vital, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless. I’ve taken notes using my phone in class and then immediately made backups on my SD. The function is awesome for those sorts of things.

You can also secure a note with a password. I can see the logic behind this, but it only makes sense to use this feature if you’re writing a note that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Screen & Controls

I like this app’s controls. Symbols are often used to portray functions and so it’s very fluid and intuitive, even for those of you who don’t speak English that well (the app is in English). Controls are simple to use thanks to the symbols, and they look good, too.

Speed & Stability

I’ve been using OnePunch Notes for about one month and it’s been going well: the app is very stabile, no crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

OnePunch Notes can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market.


OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again? OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again? OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again? OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again? OnePunch Notes - Oops, did you forget something... again?

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