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Optimus G2 Could Have 3GB of RAM onboard
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Optimus G2 Could Have 3GB of RAM onboard

A Korean publication recently claimed that the upcoming LG Optimus G2 will be the first smartphone to boast 3GB of RAM onboard which will make it easier for users to multi-task. The phone will also come with LTE Advanced but this feature is likely to be turned off because very few networks actually offer LTE-A on a large scale.

LG G2 1
The New LG G2 Which is set to boast 3GB  of RAM. Another first from LG / © @evleaks


LG apparently wants to continue with its Qslide apps which is why they are pushing ahead with having more RAM onboard the phone. This will, for example, allow a user of the phone to do something else while watching an HD video clip.

Innovative LG

LG is certainly no stranger to undertaking innovative projects. It was the first smartphone manufacturer to come out with a dual core phone and also the first to pack 3D capabilities on to a handset.The last version of the Optimus line was also the first smartphone to come out with 2GB of RAM before the Nexus 4 followed suit.

The upcoming smartphone is also slated to become one of the thinnest phones ever made. So thin that maybe there won't be enough room to have the volume keys on the side of the phone.

Android Navigation Problem

Many are also waiting to see how the smartphone handles the Android navigation problems. It seems as though the phone might boast some keys at the back of the phone to help or something along that nature, as many have been complaining about having to really extend themselves when using the back button which is one of the most frequently used buttons on Android smartphones.

What do you think about the upcoming Optimus G2 and would you welcome putting buttons at the back of the phone?

Source: PhoneArena


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  • i also owned an lg before moving to the nexus. they should do more on the update front and they should be fine. I also reallt liked the 3d capabilities on the earlier optimus phones. perhaps they should bring those back

  • LG needs to loosen its relationship with Windows Mobile and start releasing more Android running devices, in my opinion. They make some slick phones.

  • LG - you sold me ... except users complain of no updates (and that's an issue which forces Android Users to unlock their Android Smart Phones) ....

    LG - love your technology (just get your shit together, please)