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Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground

Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground

Some users might know Xevious, the forerunner for today's test candidate Pacific Wings. I had my first encounter with this game during a Linux distribution and at the time, got sucked into the game concept. Whether Pacific Wings has the same potential to become as addicting will be exposed in today's apps test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 2.1.0

Features & Use

Maybe some of you do indeed know the Linux distribution Knoppix. This rather simple distribution can easily be booted from either a CD or a flash drive and was really helpful when I had to perform a backup or full recovery. During that time, I discovered a really simple, yet addicting game.

Taking a look at the permissions, they're completely safe, so you can install the app without hesitation. Pacific Wings is just 1.5 MG, therefore there will be enough space for it on pretty much any smartphone.

The gameplay of Pacific Wings is quite simple: The player controls an aircraft that continuously fires bullets. Enemy planes intersect in various ways and the player needs to move in order for its bullets to reach the opponents. To make matters worse, the enemies are also shooting at you, so not only do you need to position your aircraft, you also need to avoid bullets.

Pacific Wings is set in an air battle in the Pacific, just like the name explains. While you fight to the death, you whiz past small islands and lots of water.

At the beginning of the game, the player gets three lives, which are used up faster than you think. The player can also get more lives if they collect 5000 points. When you shoot at your opponents, your points range from 10 to 500 and the score will obviously increase during the course of the game.

I personally felt Pacific Wings to be relatively demanding. This is partly due to the controls (for further details in the appropriate category), as well as the fact that the flood of enemies asked for skill and dexterity. For example, the enemy aircrafts fly in formation, which often makes targeting them a lot easier. On the other hand, it can also become a problem. If you miss your target, you might have to quickly dodge a variety of projectiles from many different directions. Powerups can also be collected once in a while. These increase your firepower or the number of bullets fire, for example.

You can also make your own personal high score. Despite not being able to compare scores with other players over the internet, you can still attach your name to your highscores and compete or try to beat other player's scores.

Bottom Line

Pacific Wings fulfilled all of my expectations. There isn't much to note regarding the game's scope or the actual game. For those who love ''shoot-em-up'' games like Xevious, you might take a liking to Pacific Wings too. However, there are some aspects that could be improved on (see screen and controls), since they really affect the game flow.

Screen & Controls

As mentioned above, I found Pacific Wings' controls to be problematic in certain places. This isn't due to a lack in control options, quite the opposite: Pacific Wings can be controlled either via the trackball, an on-screen gamepad, or via touch screen. It's clearly stated in the app's information that it can be controlled using the gyro sensor, but there was no were to select it within the settings. I personally had a problem with the fact that the on-screen gamepad's sensitivity couldn't be altered. In addition, the touch screen controls, which took a long time to get used to, quickly obscured the actual game.

The graphics on the other hand were great, because it had a cool retro look. So come on ''shoot-em-up''! I give you three stars.

Speed & Stability

Pacific Wings worked very smoothly and without problemsduring the course of the test. However, it felt Pacific Wings couldn't be started in the background. The game needed to be restarted every time. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Pacific Wings is available for free in the App Center. Ads are blended in, but didn't bother the flow of the game.


Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground Pacific Wings - a ''shoot-em-up'' game miles above the ground

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