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ASUS Padfone Gets Priced at Close to $1,000
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ASUS Padfone Gets Priced at Close to $1,000

The Padfone has finally been priced. Are you ready to hear the magic number?

For a combination tablet, smartphone and keyboard, ASUS is betting potential customers will fork over close to a grand ($980)– at least in the Korean market. It's a bit steep, sure, but compare that to the $1,200 or so you'd shell out to buy a top-of-the-line tablet and a premium phone. 

The price breaks down to $610 for the phone, $240 for the tablet dock, earpiece and stylus and $130 for the detachable keyboard. While we can't exactly pronounce this a steal, we're guessing the price will be heavily subsidized by carriers when it reaches U.S. shores. Not sure when that'll be; for now, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore will be the prime launch regions.

Now, I seem to be in the minority here at the AndroidPIT offices, but I want one of these really badly. I'm in the market for both a tablet and a smartphone and this baby will fulfill my every desire. But others in the office (ie, Eric), think the Padfone is an epic joke bound to fail. What do you think, dear Internet reader?

Source: The Verge


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  • @Eric: you never directly addressed my points tho, bro! SHOW ME the dual core and tegra 3 tablet that cost under $1000 together...and u dont adress the fact that the package will likely drop in price by at least $600 when carriers get its hands on it. AND u dont ever address the unified data scheme, which could happen. i was waiting for u to address these points, with examples.

    I'll give you one: the Galaxy Nexus was originally available for over $700. carriers slashed the price to $200. who's to say this padfone won't end up on the market for $250.

    point is, it is WAAAYYYY too early to start talking about price competitiveness when the carriers havent even got their hands on it because u have no idea how much the price will drop. all you are offering is speculation. and you seem to have a vendetta against the device for no reason...

  • @Brennan That is EXACTLY it. They market this thing like its a tablet AND a phone. Its NOT. And like you said..for 700 they MIGHT have a chance at selling it, but at the end of the day your only getting a phone and a bigger dislplay for that phone for that price. With all the quad core devices coming out, this device simply cant compete. 1000 dollars for a DUAL core phone?? REALLY? Sorry Steven, but there is nothing at ALL that is reasonable about the pricing on this device.

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    Deactivated Account Apr 9, 2012 Link to comment

    Cool concept but I'll wait until Samsung perfects it.

  • I agree with eric. ASUS is trying to charge you the price of a tablet AND a phone, using the justification that this product can act both as a tablet and a phone. At the end of the day, this really is only one hardware platform, and a mediocre one by today's standards. If i can buy a brand new quad core 32 gb TF201 and keyboard dock for $650, a thinner, and superior device in pretty much every way possible, and a brand new high spec phone for $300 off craigs, why would I want to buy this device? Carrier subsidization is only going to knock off $300 MAX, but if you want to drop $680 to lock yourself onto a two year dual core device, by all means, go ahead. IMO, they have no business charging more than $700 for this thing, especially since they can sell a prime+dock for $650.

    On top of that carriers (US ones in particular), would rather charge the consumer for two different devices. There's no reason why they would want to subsidize an already overpriced device that will take money away from them, and put it back into the hands of the original hardware manufacturer. The only way a carrier would be convinced that this product would be a fruitful addition to their line of handsets would be to drop it to a reasonable price, so that subsidization can be kept to a minimum, but still remain appealing to consumers.

    This is innovation, there's no denying that, but the price is simply WAY too high. Drop the non-subsidized price to $700 and they have A SHOT at getting this device to take off. The original transformer didn't take off until ASUS decided to slash their prices to the $350 range, and the prime did as well as it did ONLY because they undercut all off apples price points by $100 AT LAUNCH, and offered a REFINED product which offered practical innovation completely exclusive in the market. As much as I like ASUS, I really cannot say that the padphone fulfills ANY of these criterion. Frankly, I have zero faith in this product as it currently stands.

  • @Sean That's EXACTLY my point. Give me 1000 USD and I ll bring you a Tegra 3 tablet AND a dual core phone. This Padfone is like selling a laptop with an extra external display and acting like that package is something groundbreaking. Concept and out of the box thinking for this product is great, but in terms of pricing they just pulled a Microsoft by killing it on arrival.

  • As a concept this is currently ultimate deal. But if they want to survive on tablet market price will have to go down. Even if this goes to 400$ with carrier I doubt it will have significant market share. Unfortunately Apple is setting pace now. We can like it or not but they sold tens of millions of iPads, they have very streamlined system... So hearing that you need to pay 1000$ does not sound very promising and no commercial add can justify it. So as IBM did it once with their host pricing I suggest that Asus and Samsung cut the price in two and than try to do something for their tablets.

  • I think that Erics point is the cost. $1000 and if the phone breaks your tablet is useless as well.

    For the same price you could have a good phone and tablet and you have the redundancy. He has a good point, they'll have to get the marketing perfect to move a lot at this price.

  • Right..... Seeing that you will be carrying both parts of the padphone all the time, or at least, you will have the phone given that you have the tablet, why is it such a big problem that you can't use the tablet without the phone?

  • But its NOT a tablet! That's my problem with it! If I were really a phone and a REAL tablet then fair enough. But you CANT use the "tablet" without the phone! Its just a big display that's USELESS without the phone!!!

  • I am in the middle on this one. I agree with Eric that 1000.00 is high but Also with Steve that this is a sweet package... I would say 899.00 would have been the magic number. a bit over the top tablets but not outrageous.

    They'll need to do some savy marketing and benchmarks and such.

    Let's see how this one pans out.

  • Technology is heading in this direction anyway. I have a Xoom with a case that has a hardware keyboard for when I'm working on larger documents. If I could intergrate this with my phone, with a reasonable battery life, I'd be happy.

    It'll be in the marketing, Apple would market the he'll out of this, and people would be happy to pay $1000 as a result. Apples current strategy is to sell multiple products to the same customers, not intergrate.

    If it's marketed right they may get away with the price!

    I'm not sure, but time will tell.

  • Im how much over..100 bucks? And you can get the galaxy s2 cheaper than that. No matter how you put it, I can get a phone and a REAL tablet for 1000. For this "thing", Im only getting a phone and a bigger screen for that phone.


  • The only thing you don't get is a Tegra 3 chip, but not that many games are optimized for Tegra yet anyway..

  • Plus the possibility of a unified data plan, saving u even more..

  • Oh and the Padfone is dual core........

  • Asus Transformer Prime -- $585.00
    Unlocked Galaxy S2 $522.00

    You're already over $1,000

  • HAHAHAH! 1000 dollars? ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a PHONE and a bigger display for that phone?? Its not even a tablet! For 1000 dollars I can get a Tegra 3 tablet AND a high end dual core Android device!

    How is this reasonable??

  • chinu Apr 5, 2012 Link to comment

    agreeeeed eric

  • Eric, that is a COMPLETELY reasonable price that will probably end up being $400 or so once the American carriers get a hold of the device (also, pricing is different in Korea for electronics in general). That said, we're talking about a multi-functional device. Does your $1,000 Apple laptop transform itself into a phone? Didn't think so. Also, it has a stylus with which to take calls -- did you know that? Like you can literally be doodling on your screen then hold up your stylus and take a call with it. WHAT? Yes. Whether it fails or succeeds is another matter; I think, innovation-wise, it's already creamed the competition. Care to back up your opinion with any cold hard facts about how this product is an epic fail? Or, instead of projecting why you think other people won't buy it, maybe explain why you wouldn't?

  • WTF ASUS. Mindblowingly epic FAIL