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Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start!
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Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start!

Who hasn’t done it? During class many students get bored, crumple up paper and practice tossing it into the garbage can. ''Paper Toss 2.0'' is the successor to one of the most popular Android apps. To find out how good this app really is, take a look at our app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 2.0.5

Features & Use

Paper Toss has become a real classic. The app used the old practice of tossing paper balls into garbage bins and created an innovative app. Paper Toss 2.0 is now the successor to the one of the most popular apps of all times. But has the game play really improved since the first one?

When you start out, it's quite clear that the game play has remained the same. That being said, you can see that there are a lot more things to choose from and the interface has become a lot better. So far, so good.

In part 1, you could only throw paper balls. Now you are able to toss bananas, tomatoes, bouncy balls and hand-grenades. But be careful, the boss is sitting right next to the basket and if possible, you should no interfere with his well-earned sleep. He doesn’t like to be hit with rotten fruit. It gets a bit more complicated with the blowing fan where the wind keeps on switching directions. On top of this new wind element, there are other parts from the environment that come into play. You’re able to destroy obstacles and meet people which turns into quite the fun trick fest.

There are different levels and skill factors as well. Part 2 has more worlds and proves to be much more difficult. A very positive innovation are the missiles that can now be unlocked. In addition, you can win various types of actions, achievements and titles. This game will motivate you to keep on playing over long periods of time.

Bottom Line

Whether you like Paper Toss 2.0 is also a matter of taste. Not everyone thinks it is fun to throw paper balls into the trash can. The game play is almost perfect and entertaining if you need to pass the time. Part 2 also has upgraded power bonuses and offers as well as better graphics. And the app is still free!

Screen & Controls

Paper Toss 2.0 surprised me with its animated graphics. The controls were also very intuitive: the objects are thrown by swiping. You can decide in this manner how far, fast and at which angle the object should be thrown.

Speed & Stability

Paper Toss 2.0 ran smoothly the entire time. There were no glitches or hang-ups.

Price/Performance Ratio

Like its predecessor, Paper Toss 2.0 is still free despite several new features and unlockable items. If we look at other developers, you can give Backflip Studios a lot of praise. Part 2 is more improved than its first version. You're also able to purchase ''paper points'' with real money, but this isn't necessary.


Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start! Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start! Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start! Paper Toss 2.0 - off to a new start!

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  • Sorin Jan 1, 2018 Link to comment

    It's brilliant game, manages to make nerves sometimes, but supeeeeeer. I've reached level 12 and my heart is in place every time.