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PayPal – Safe mobile banking

PayPal – Safe mobile banking

I’m sure a lot of you out there are using PayPal, especially seeing as PayPal is one of the payment methods for when you are shopping in the AndroidPIT App Center ;) ! So having an Android PayPal app that allows you to keep an eye on how many peanuts you’ve got left on your account only makes sense, right?

Now, while this may not be strictly necessary if you’ve got as much dosh as the owner of the account shown in the Market images (whoa!), being able to make transfers when you’re on the go is really convenient.

We’ve tested PayPal the app for you and are ready to spill the beans in today’s review!



Reviewed version Latest version
2.8.1 6.22.0

Features & Use

Test device: HTC Desire
Android-Version: 2.3.3
Mods: Root, CM7 Custom ROM

The terms of use pop up upon first starting up the app—in order to continue you have to, of course, agree to them.
The login window comes next. If you’ve used the PayPal website you will know that you have to enter your email address ad password. Should you not already have a PayPal account you can create one then and there, using the app.

Then comes the ‘Send money’ function, which – as the name suggests – allows you to make transfers to other PayPal users. There’s also a window inscribed with a welcoming to the app and a quick run-through of the app’s functions.

Your current credit is shown at the top of the display, and at the bottom there are four tabs for the four main functions:


The Account tab reveals an overview of your account as well as a few other options:
At the very top your current PayPal credit balance is displayed (also in foreign currencies, should this apply to you).
An account statement is displayed beneath it: you can decide whether you want to display all transactions, sent transactions, received transactions or claimed transactions in different tabs.
The ‘Debit’ option is beneath the ‘Account statement’ one. It allows you to transfer a certain amount of your current credit balance back on to your account.
A credit card can also be added, you can recommend the app and find more information regarding the app via this tab.

The ‘Tools’ tab allows you to use the Bump function (amongst other things). This function lets PayPal users claim or transfer money faster. The device’s GPS receiver is what runs the show here: two smartphones lying one next to the other are ‘connected’ via this function, allowing transactions to take place a lot faster.
‘Split bill’ is also available, allowing users to send and receive their part of a bill.

Bottom line:

The PayPal app provides all of the same functions as what users may be used to from the web version of PayPal. It also comes with the Bump function which allows for faster transactions. All in all the app makes for an even more functional smartphone and runs like a dream.



Screen & Controls

The PayPal app has the same simple but effective design as the web version. Controls are super effortless and finding one’s way round the app is fairly intuitive.
If ever you are unsure of what certain functions do you can check ‘Account – app information’.

Speed & Stability

PayPal did not crash once since I have installed it. It runs fairly quickly save for signing up / logging or other processes that require pulling data from the internet.

Price/Performance Ratio

PayPal can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


PayPal – Safe mobile banking PayPal – Safe mobile banking

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