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Poll: What would make the perfect Android phone?

Poll: What would make the perfect Android phone?

We have to admit that we're living in a smartphone world better than it has ever been (for obvious reasons). It wasn't long ago when all smartphone cameras were straight-up terrible. Look at us now. We still have a ways to go though – just think about battery life – so what would it take to make the perfect smartphone? We've got a few ideas, but we want to hear yours, too.

Faster updates for the best new features

The timelines between the release of a new Android update and the time that most non-Nexus flagships get it can be months and months. Sometimes six months or even a year pass before the rollout is complete and many devices simply get forgotten. Android really needs a better system for minimizing fragmentation and getting the best Android experience to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Tablet update ANDROIDPIT
We want updates as fast as is humanly possible, for everyone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Speakers you actually want to use

Until such time that all smartphones have speakers as good as the HTC BoomSound, we won't ever be fully satisfied. The fact that BoomSound speakers have been out forever and always the best just makes us think that most manufacturers simply don't care about good sound quality on the phones they produce.

htc one m8 m7 new format
HTC has set the speaker benchmark for Android phones. / © ANDROIDPIT

A great camera for everyone

The Galaxy S6 and LG G4 have exceptionally good cameras. So good that the iPhone has lost its perch atop the best smartphone camera list. But we won't be happy until all smartphones have cameras at least as good at the Galaxy S6 or LG G4. Pocket digital cameras are dead, so smartphones need to be just as good.

samsung galaxy s6 camera
We pretty much want this camera on every Android phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Better batteries for true all-day usage

Batteries looked like they were going good places a while back – just think about the LG G2 – but then we backslid. No LG battery has been better than the G2 and no one else seems to have cracked it either. In fact, battery capacities are getting smaller and not because battery optimizations are so much better, but rather that the extra mAh isn't needed. We don't want super-thin phones, we want batteries that last two days.

lgg4 lgg2 buttons
Why can't we have battery life the LG G2 on the LG G4? / © ANDROIDPIT

More RAM to make Android smoother

4 GB should be standard for flagships and 3 GB for mid-range phones. No phone should be allowed onto shelves unless it has at least 2 GB of RAM. Google should subsidize this process because no one can have an enjoyable Android experience with 512 MB of RAM, no matter what they say.

asus zenfone 2 power button
The Asus Zenfone 2 ships with 4 GB of RAM, and you can't kill it. / © ANDROIDPIT

Better control to empower users

We love that Android M has granular app permissions and we love Android in general for handing over control to the end user on a lot of fronts. But we sill want more control: the ability to delete (or opt-out of) bloatware on phones, the freedom to root, flash and ROM our hearts out without losing our warranties, support for SD cards and better backup options.

AndroidPIT Mlais M7 permissions manager
We love that Android M offers granular app permissions. / © ANDROIDPIT

What do you want?

Which area needs the most attention in Android?
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Share your perfect phone in the comments below. You may just get what you wish for.

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  • For me

    UPDATES - The most ridiculous WASTER of the Android OS. I have yet to receive Lollipop. I'm getting fed up waiting for it.

    RAM - Yes its very important like ANY Device

    Batteries - sure what Smartphone kills battery, hahaha.

    But defo Updates. Like Lollipop was unveiled last July -'14. Unveiled to the world I think in November - '14. Its almost a year since Loillipop was released and I still haven;t receieved

  • Updates (more frequent with less bugs)
    Batteries (that actually last regardless of how quick they charge up)
    Camera (at least 13 megapixel)
    Memory (minimum 32 gig , with support for Cloud & Micro SDCard)
    RAM / CPU (at least 2gig RAM with 4 to 6 core Processor)
    Speakers (as in 2 not 1)
    Bloatware (the right to remove it)
    Security (consumers deserve this)

  • Why do mobile phone manufacturers keep pushing up the camera / video quality, larger memory storage then use USB 2 for connecting to your pc for downloading or backups, fast USB 3 should be standard on all smart phones. Again making better screen quality so you can watch films in QHD but fit poor quality speakers. Please stop doing half a job,

  • java Jun 15, 2015 Link to comment

    Strangely enough, I want a smaller Note Edge variant with the stylus. I love the stylus and all it does. I also want front, stereo speakers. I'm also a big fan of the back buttons on the LG G4. I definitely need a great camera with OIS and high megapixels. Along with a removable back and expandable storage. Battery life is essential, so I don't need a 4K screen. I absolutely need better screen on time with the battery. All Android phones should finally be up to date before the next OS comes out. I don't hate TouchWiz, but I want my next Note to have very little of it. How about some stability here? Not necessary, but water proofing would be nice.

  • With the mess that lollipop has been for many users, my first vote is updates! After that is camera, battery, price

  • with all these news, it woul be a really perfect phone; hope that new Nexus 5 will have a lott of it...

  • ymer Jun 14, 2015 Link to comment

    a like for htc m8 too come update Android M on this 2015

  • Freedi Jun 14, 2015 Link to comment

    can update to new android system for every device

  • I want the S5 with better specs and features to come out every year.

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