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Phonalyzr - Your Phone's Personal Statistician

Even though I never thought I had any affinity for statistics, there's something very soothing and calming about numbers. Whether it's your small business, bank account, or facebook friends - it's nice to have a clean professionally looking overview with colorful charts, graphs, and tables. All of you sport fans out know what I'm talking about. 

Statistic geeks be warned - there's a new app on the market made just for you. The new Phonalyzr give you an in-depth visual analysis of your all your mobile activity.

These informative numbers may either surprise your or scare you, but they're definately worth a look.

Our test report shows all that the Phonalyzr has to offer.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.5.2 1.7

Features & Use

Don't be turned off by the app's Web 2.0. sounding cryptical name. Phonalyzr deserves being taken seriously. This app compiles your calling and text messaging data into cool-looking charts.

Using your call log you can view the following stats:

  • Usage Summary: missed calls, incoming calls, weekend minutes, etc.
  • Top Callers by Minutes
  • Top Callers by Calls
  • Missed vs Regular Calls
  • Outbound vs. Inbound Calls
  • Number of Minutes per Time
  • Number of Calls per Time
  • Number of Minutes per Day
  • Number of Calls per Day
  • Number of Minutes per Hour
  • Number of Calls per Hour
  • Call Length Distribution

You'll find a clear and concise little graph for every category.

The same kind of analysis goes for text messaging as well:

  • Usage Summary
  • Top Senders
  • Sent vs. Received SMS
  • Number of SMS per Time
  • Number of SMS per Day
  • Number of SMS per Hour
  • SMS Length Distribution

Bottom Line:

I have to admit that I have a little crush on this app. All these graphs and charts show us just how important mobile phones have become to us. Imagine that I could somehow compile all your Facebook activity from an entire year and post it online. I'm sure that all your friends and relatives would be more than a little surprised...

Phonalyzr isn't just about trivial stats, but also has a very practical side to it. This app is a good way to keep your mobile costs down. You can pin-point your phone use to the minute and choose a mobile plan accordingly. Do you tend to text more on the weekends? Or do you tend to often call a certain network or number? With this information in your pocket, you can make smarter consumer choices when it comes to finding a mobile plan that fits you.

The only thing this app lacks is the option of saving all your phone data to your SD-card. There's basically no way for you to save your data if you wipe your phone clean. This app was really close to being 5 star material, but I'm going to have to settle for 4.5 stars:)

Screen & Controls

There's nothing stylish about this app, but it gets the job done. All the controls are simple and understandable, which is by far the most important thing in any app.

Using the menu button you can adjust some settings to get more precise statistical results:

  • Billing Date
  • Nights Start (if you have a nights & weekends plan)
  • Nights End
  • Billing Type (Are you billed by the second or by the minute?)

Bottom Line:

I can only recommend this app from the bottom of my heart to every sinlge stats and number fanatic out there! This gadget is not only fun for you, but also great for your wallet. 


Speed & Stability

 Phonalyzr runs quickly and smoothly!

Price/Performance Ratio

Phonalyzr can be downloaded for free from the market. One word: awesome!


Phonalyzr - Your Phone's Personal Statistician Phonalyzr - Your Phone's Personal Statistician Phonalyzr - Your Phone's Personal Statistician Phonalyzr - Your Phone's Personal Statistician

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