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How AT&T and Verizon Conspire to Keep Your Phone Bill High

The U.S. wireless carrier market has become a duopoloy, as Verizon and AT&T together make up 66% of the market, trailed by Sprint at 17% and T-Mobile at 10.4%. When only two companies exercise that kind of power, there's no wonder why phone bills have become 52% higher for the average subscriber since 2006. Even in a recession, it seems that phone companies can get away with murder. 

The following infographic explores the sneaky ways in which these two companies have conspired to keep your phone bill high. The average annual phone bill is now a whopping $1,152 per year, which breaks down to $91 per month. And last year Verizon made hundreds of millions just by charging $2 for every .02 kilobyte customers used every time they accidentally hit the key "take me to the web" on their iPhone. AT&T, meanwhile, was voted the "worst carrier in America." Subscriptions are still up for both. 

The following Infographic made my blood boil. I wonder what your reaction will be? I do believe that alternatives like Republic Wireless may alleviate some of the bill-shock, but it's hard to dislodge two companies with such aggressive business practices. 

Source: Droid Life


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  • My1 Jul 13, 2013 Link to comment

    why does T-Mobile have in the US an unlimited data plan, and sprint too but NO SINGLE GERMAN Provider???

  • Thanks for the tip Steven, my 3g HTC Incredible still performs well - but its not getting an ICS software update (which irritates me, along with everyone else still using 3g that will probably have to upgrade to 4g if we want ICS) ... While my usage hasn''t changed, my bill from Verizon has increased (& its not fair), no wonder people in Vegas are forced to switch to something like Boost Mobile (I have until November to decide & T-Mobile's HTC ONE S is looking more inviting then Verizon's HTC Rezound) ...

  • Well, I should hasten to say that Verizon still beats the pack nationwide in download speeds. If you're a heavy 3G user, I'd check out Root Metrics app to see which carrier offers the best coverage in your area. T-Mobile does not offer an unlimited plan but simply slows download speeds after a certain number of GBs have been used up, which I think is sneaky since they still call it "unlimited."

    But the HTC One S is coming to T-Mobile, which is nice. It's definitely the best looking phone I've ever held.

  • I left Sprint for AT&T after getting the shaft, I left AT&T for Verizon after getting the Shaft ... I guess I'll be leaving Verizon for T-Mobile in November? (or, I may join thousands of Las Vegas Android Smart Phone users & switch to Boost Mobile as soon as they offer a decent Android Smart Phone I can get ICS on - $50 a month 4g unlimited service) ...

  • cool! are you on an unlimited data plan?

  • this information rings entirely true. I have just switched to sprint from verizon for the reasons stipulated here.