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PicPac Camera: Capturing you life moments in threes

PicPac Camera: Capturing you life moments in threes

Photography apps top the charts for my favorite app genres and I scour Google Play tirelessly to find the next, best one. After bringing you the top 7 photo apps last week, today I would like to recommend PicPac Camera, a simple application for spontaneous photoshoots which allows you to pile three snapshots on top of each other, save the results and share it with your friends online.

pic pac app teaser
Capture the essence of spontaneity with PicPac camera © Ron Genliang Guan

PicPac camera could be handled by a three year old, it’s just that easy: you have the choice of using the front or back-facing camera and two possible photo modes: either you take three pictures and stack them on top of each other, or else capture a maximum number of 9 pictures which are then sorted at random. But what is this I see? No feature to add pictures from your own already full gallery? The app is here to spur spontaneity, get you outdoors, and be creative, not for rehashing past memories.

pic pac app screenshot 01
Left: the trio mode allows you to make a collage of three pics or ''triptychon'' Right: up to 9 pics can be stacked on top of one another. © Ron Genliang Guan

The idea is ridiculously simple: with just one picture, or rather ‘triptychon’ (a collage made of three pics), you're able to get a lot more from what's going on around you and better capture a person or an on-a-whim moment. In fact, PicPac Camera was inspired by Triptychs of Strangers, a Flickr photo series from the photographer Adde Adesokan who is all about getting to know strangers and trying to capture the essence of their personality in three vivid images.

You can share your works of art via your social networks. or save them on your device. © AndroidPIT

PicPac Camera can be installed for free from Google Play, but still contains ads. The social networking features to share your works is split up between a top and bottom banner. When finished your collages, the app will save the result separately as ''picpac.me'', so that the individual picture files aren’t lost in the process.

androidpit picpac camera
Your ''work of art'' will save as ''picpac.me''. © AndroidPIT

And like I mention above, the functionality is quite limited, however PicPac Camera does do the trick to fulfill its purpose for spontaneous photo shoots and collage-making fun, while also operating efficiently and quickly, no steep learning-curve involved.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Source: PicPac Camera

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  • Sorin Dec 31, 2017 Link to comment

    A dedicated application for photo enthusiasts for those who want to get more from a photo than the camera phone.

  • Loie, this app looks AMAZING!! I love photography but very rarely use my phone camera as I am usually carrying my Fuji camera which has a 30x zoom. I am definitely going to download this and give it a go, and I must have a look at that photographers Flickr stream.