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15 Pictures of Google's Offices To Make You Hate Your Job


According to Money Magazine, Google is still the best place to work in the world. And why shouldn't it be? Android is everywhere, the search business is still doing really well, and stock prices continue to climb. Indubitably, the company has the cash to keep their workers happy and productive. Google has offices all over the world, and just opened an incredibly sleek office in London. Here are a few pictures to make you want to quit your current job.

Here's the Posh Lobby of Google London, Decked Out in Quirky Vintage Ware:

It's called Granny's corner (c) Telegraph

And the Mod Reception Desk

(c) Google

There's a plush room for reading and relaxing

(c) Telegraph

And You Can Order Organic, Cooked-to-Serve Cuisine in the Company's Cafeteria

(c) Telegraph

Or Chill Out on a Deck, Where You Can Plant Your Own Garden

(c) Telegraph

At Google New York, You Can Bring Your Dog to Work

(c) Wall Street Journey

And there's Even a Room That Tricks You Into Thinking You're Working from Home


Forget About Walking from Office to Office

The Google Team in California Has Their Own Swim-in-Place Pools

(c) Time

Free Haircuts

(c) Time

And Massages

(c) Time

But You Can't Eat These...

(c) Techno Buffalo

In Stockholm They Have a Pretty Sweet Game Room

While Zurich Has the Coolest Slide

(c) Google

To sum it up, the world would be a much happier place if we all worked at Google.


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