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Poll: what category of apps did you use the most last year?

Mashable has shared a list of the growth of certain categories of apps in 2013. The biggest increase was, perhaps not unsurprisingly, in the social and messaging category, which tripled with a 203% increase. Generally, mobile app usage grew over the year by an average 115% – that's more than doubled! Obviously, new high powered smartphones, unlimited data plans and LTE are having an effect. But we wanted to ask you: what category of apps did you increasingly use over the course of the year?

Apps Brasil
The categories of apps you use - and use more - says a lot about your changing smartphone habits.

By this we don't mean what kind of apps did you use – that would probably give us the same results – but rather: what apps did you increase your usage of? I, for example, started the year with about three or four texting/instant messaging apps on my phone, but by the end of the year I had ten, courtesy of my job at AndroidPIT. Likewise, my news apps/RSS reader usage increased dramatically as I try to keep up to date with everything happening in the world of Android. Actually, for me, almost every category saw increased usage over the past year except perhaps Android games, which have always occupied more of my time than they should!

2014 01 14 app use
It's hard to believe game usage only increased 66% throughout 2013. / © Flurry

Here's the results the Mashable team reported on courtesy of Statista and Flurry Analytics. What category did you use more at the end of the year than at the beginning?

The app category I increased my usage of the most was:
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Via: Mashable Source: Statista


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  • payam Jan 20, 2014 Link to comment

    I use alot of apps
    launchers thems widgets live wallpapers wlpaper apps games....

  • Och man,what a load of rubbish. My S3 is ll months old and still on 4.1.2. Now you tell me of S4 updates,Kit Kats and even an S5. The whole Samsung thing is worse than Walmart where nothing stays the same,particularly the price,size and wrapping.My 11month old S3 on 4.1.2 is a friggin relic already,yet Samsung keep churning out the cheese.Bah!!!

    • Hiya @Dave! Long time no see. You're right - it would be nicer for existing Samsung owners to get more attention than new ''possible'' customers. Of course, the hope is that you'll be so mortified by your ''decrepit'', not even a year-old phone that you'll rush out spend another $700 on a new one. At least you've managed to dodge the 4.3 bullet!

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