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Poll: which smartphone brand is your favorite?

Poll: which smartphone brand is your favorite?

When you want to purchase a new smartphone, which brand do you turn to? Which manufacturer not only lives up to your expectations, but excites you each time it launches a new flagship? We want to know which smartphone brand is the favorite among our AndroidPIT readers, so we've put together a poll. 

In addition to finding out which manufacturer is the majority favorite, we want to know which of the less obvious brands are among your favorites too. The answers could be surprising! 

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We're expecting a lot of votes for Samsung and Google  / © AndroidPIT
Qual é a sua fabricante de smartphone favorita?
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Which brand do you think will be number one? Why did you chose your favorite over the others? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I'm with Dean...HTC audio rules.

  • I'm the only Samsaung Galaxy Notes [Series 2-7] user. Last time, I've ever used Apple's iPhone 3 before the Galaxy Note. After using the Samsaung's, I'm the one guy who love & use only Galaxy Note(s). When you got & used Galaxy Note(s), you’d encounter 'Ready For All What You Need' on the Galaxy Note(s), that's why I love & use only Galaxy Notes Series. Thanks.

  • It amused me to see Apple on the list. I think including Apple on the list was an interesting quirk. Apple still got some votes on an Android site, that's to their credit I'd say. Users who voted for Apple could be placed in three categories. First, those who own an iPhone in addition to an Android device. Second, those who think Apple is the best but who use an Android phone for some other reason, maybe because it's their BYOD. Third-the category to which I myself belong-those who would like to try out an iPhone for a few months to see how it compares to Android, but can't afford an iPhone.

  • Selvig Feb 10, 2017 Link to comment

    OnePlus 3 is my favorite device. It's perfect to every buck you're spending

  • May sound like a weirdo and, but I find you to be very pretty, Brittany. You're like the fairy of Androidpit!
    Burn me now lol

  • Well actually i liked a lot the Nexus line, Pixel not that much so switched my Nexus for a Xperia XZ which was ok but i don't like the way Sony builds his "flagship" phones, so i sold the XZ and went to a LG V20, happy so far but i kind of miss my Nexus 6P...

  • joost Feb 10, 2017 Link to comment

    Where is Asus on your list? For me it would definitely be Asus! Never had any problems with any machine, whether it be a laptop, or my Rc1v, or my tf 101 transformer, or zenfone2 or soundcard or motherboard..

  • Samsung definitely, had all the Galaxy note series right up to Note 7 which was amazing had to swap for S7 edge which was a good phone but wasn't impressed so reverted to note 4,the mega was a favourite of mine, would still stay with Samsung after the Note 7 issue after all the phone was perfect, just a battery problem, Samsung always.

    Deactivated Account

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Feb 10, 2017 Link to comment

    currently I really like the hardware I've got, a Moto X (2nd gen) and Nexus 6... but Moto isn't the same company any more and Nexus is err... now premium priced Pixel..
    if Lenovo improves support and software updating I might get another Moto, not really keen on the company tho..
    if Google does a Pixel that justifies its price tag I might get a Pixel, but what I really want is a Nexus with Moto display ...

    maybe Nokia's gonna be my next favourite OEM..

  • Without doubt Samsung devices are fabulous, I used to think the S5 was the best until I got the S7. My S2 tab is a excellent tablet my Samsung TV is a excellent tv, my Samsung fridge is a excellent fridge, Samsung Rules....

  • Was apple now samsung more too MY liking features and easy usage of software and build to my wants needs and how I want it too look !

  • When Nokia announce Symbian is Dead, i looked around to a phone that offers nearly all the same quality, an with Samsung being the company that seem to solve Nokia building phone solutions, i am glad i made the right decision, nearly every year there phones seem to get better, that was until Samsung had gaining iPhone users in there mind after the Super Note 4,by removing there Best selling option that everyone had got use too and sl glad it back- fired on Samsung and there Sales struggled, S7 Edge is the Best uptil now and no just dying to see what Samsung will offer on there S8 models

  • S3, S4, Note4, note5... I'am used to samsung phones and the TouchWiz interface, all of these phones served me very well throughout the years, which is the reason that I never jumped to another brand.
    Had some problems with the note4, but Samsung solved it very well by exchanging it with a Note5.
    Thus....very satisfied with Samsung and looking forward to note 8.
    I guess this will one on of the reasons why many people stick with one of the various brands available.

  • Uh, this sounds like a popularity contest of mfg's. LG? sammy?, and what is apple doing on a android site? Huawei seems to be the best right now. LG has demigod, and appswatchdogbite errors, sammy, nah..
    Never had the other phones. Huawei( with snapdragon) seems to be more reliable(electronically) than the others, and as long as you follow instructions, they're easy to root, rom, theme, than most of the others, and can take it(not all, one plusses are great). My older huawei's are in my phone museum, and if charged, will work as well as the day I turned em off.

  • I've had some amazing phones from HTC, Samsung and LG but, my ZTE Axon 7 is probably the best phone I've owned and it was cheaper then all the others. I vote ZTE :)

  • Tom S Feb 9, 2017 Link to comment

    HTC, cause I'm all for good audio and the underdogs.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Feb 9, 2017 Link to comment

    I pick LG because they still make flagship phone with a removable battery. Also they are not afraid to try new things .

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