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What was the biggest milestone in Google's 20-year history?
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What was the biggest milestone in Google's 20-year history?

Google turned 20 this week. In Japan, they call your 20th birthday a “coming of age”, and celebrate the occasion with similar fuss as we do our 18th birthday in the UK, or turning 21 in the US. Google may have come of age, but what was the biggest milestone on the company’s route to domination?

Google.com was actually registered on September 15, 1997, but the company considers its official birthday on September 27. We don’t really know why this day was chosen, but who are we to argue? Google has come a long way since two Stanford students turned a research project into the superpower it is today. Here are what we think are the biggest milestones of that journey.

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Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2003. / © CNBC

Which do you think was the most significant? Let us know your reasons in the comments below.

Which Google milestone was the most important in the company's 20-year history?
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  • I don't know the exact date, but I personally place it somewhere back in 1998 when they moved off of the Sun architecture and deployed their own proprietary architecture. Their software gets all the publicity, their real power comes from their unmatched hardware. The few publicly available details suggest that the googleplex is truly amazing. None of the software would perform the same way on commercial hardware. They are who they are and do what they do because of their hardware. My understanding is that started in 1998 but after search itself.

  • Sorin 6 months ago Link to comment

    Google knows all of it, its searches are so smart that if I make a search like "where I left my keys last night" will give me the long-awaited result and will say, "of course, you left them on the table near the entrance door ".
    Google has a lot of projects that have been more or less successful over time, but it also has started projects that were a big mistake at the beginning, so after a very short time they were also abandoned. Google can afford it !
    Google love you, I hate you and love you !

  • Google Search! The internet would be a mess without it

  • It was the initial search engine, that finally got it right. At the time my company's recommended search was, pretty typically, Altavista. I stumbled across the new "Google" and it was night and day for getting right results first try on the first page. (Sadly, same applies to all the other search engines today, except for Startpage, which runs privacy interference for Google's basic search.)

  • I stopped using google.com years ago, there are alternatives.