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Poll: what is the single biggest factor for you when buying a new smartphone?

Poll: what is the single biggest factor for you when buying a new smartphone?

With all the major devices out for 2014, barring a few late-year entries like the Galaxy Note 4 and a possible Nexus 8 tablet, we thought we'd ask you what the single biggest consideration is when buying a new smartphone? Of course, you don't have to be planning to drop $700 on a new phone to vote in our survey either, because a whole of last year's flagships just became a whole bunch cheaper. 

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Whether it's a brand new release or an aging beauty, we want to know what makes you buy. / © AndroidPIT
What is most important to you when buying a new smartphone?
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If you're not in the amrket for a new smartphone, you can also tell us why you bought your current device in the comments below. In a magical world where price wasn't a factor you can also let us know in the comments what you would buy if money wasn't an issue.  You can choose multiple reasons, but try to limit it to what's most important to you.

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  • Current device is now Samsung Note 3. Love me a big screen. That was my main factor of buying it. BUT what really bit the dust was the Battery of my previ was really bothering me. And Performance. So the 3 are

    Size of Screen

  • First and main important to me is the camera. Cause i really love taking picture using my smartphone and edit it. Second is the battery, the processor and the ram, also the internal memory and the software update. All of this have on sony xperia z2,i really adore it now

  • I personally think that battery is a big deal. I'm using my smartphone day in and day out and the thing that irritates me the most is when I can't even use my phone because it is dead. I've come a long way in being a better battery user, but even then it craps out on me, and usually in the worst situations. I think I should learn my lesson and get an external battery pack case, like the limefuel one.

  • The two most important factors you need to consider before buying your smartphone are the processor and specs and battery because this two go hand in hand. You often multitask on your phone so you need a faster processor and because you always rely on it you need to have a longer battery life.

    • That's a good point. The thing I dislike the most is a laggy smartphone. I recently switched to the Nexus 5 after the Galaxy S3 and I was amazed at how much faster it is (which should come to no suprise considering it has more of everything and a much better processor).... So yes, processor, specs and battery DO matter.

  • Nexus5 but OnePlus looks good. Memory matters because I don't have access to my desktop, but I love playing the pirate and Nexus does that.

  • I like the 8 inch form factor combined with LTE or 3G. I don't want to carry two devices with me all the time (phone AND tablet), so having one bigger device that takes care of all my communication and information needs is all I need. But the speed of the processor has to deliver. If it is annoyingly slow it's not worth it for me. 8 inch is the soft spot for me, not too big and not too small. My current device is a Samsung Note 8.0 N5100 and I don't have any problem propping it against my head when I receive calls. When I go cycling I use it as my GPS device to keep track of my routes. I just put it in my backpack and forget about it until I reach home. It also works great as a navigation device in the car, set up in its own wind screen bracket.

  • 1 price
    2) hardware & specs
    3) manufacturer reliability & software updates

    I just picked up a Motorola Moto X ON SALE because MetroPCS was
    a) bought out by T-Mobile
    b) therefore MetroPCS is switching from a CDMA to a CSM network
    c) doesn't have time for +1 's get picked via lottery to buy our phone nonsense

    IF +1 is still around next year? I will look into one, however, I will also keep an eye on other No Contract Android Smart Phones such as a Nexus (or whatever name Google decides to use in 2015)

  • @Androidpit: Please give a link to your Website till the app supports surveys!!

  • so the overall look of the phone

    • I concur. No matter what's inside, if the phone is ugly, it's a no go. Something that I'm caring with me all around the whole day and basically sleep with, must be pretty.

  • Most important thing on a phone for me has to be the screen. It's the thing you're looking at the whole time using your phone, so a bad screen can make you have a bad experience on what could be a good phone.

  • The things which I check our when buying a phone will be in this order:
    1. Size - it should fit my hand
    2. Processor and memory.
    3. Battery - I travel a lot, so I expect my phone to have enough juice &/or the option for replaceable battery.
    4. Camera.
    5. Display.

  • Hardware. Price isn't an issue cause the company pays (the more expensive the better). And I root, so I'll take care of the software. I need a kickin processor and a righteous display.

    • It's not always about the price that's like saying a galaxy s4 is better than the nexus 5 or iphone 5c is better just because its more expensive.

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