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Poll results: specs and price more important than brand loyalty for AndroidPIT readers
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Poll results: specs and price more important than brand loyalty for AndroidPIT readers

Following a report on how loyal smartphones users were when it came to choosing their next device, we asked AndroidPIT users how important sticking to the same brand was when considering an upgrade. Here are the results.

The research found that Apple iPhone users were most likely to stick to the same manufacturer when buying a new smartphone, with 70% planning on doing so. The manufacturer with the least loyal fan base was Motorola, with only 11% planning to buy another device next time around.

The AndroidPIT community vocalized some interesting point in the comments. Sorin said that it's a nice thing to be true to a certain brand if that brand is loyal to its customers and manages to fulfill as many of their wishes.

Dean L shared his purchasing behavior, describing how has switched back and forth between Android and iOS depending on what met his needs at the time. The same is certainly true of a lot of smartphone users I know.

Commenting on Motorola’s fall from grace, David Martrano shared how he used to be a very loyal Moto fan but has switched to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a device he describes as “the Swiss Army Knife of phones”.

In general, AndroidPIT users choose their phones based on prices, specs and what works them rather than sticking with one particular brand. Only 11% of people said that prefer to stick to a single brand of Android every time they buy a new device. Here is the full list of results:

poll results loyalty
The full list of poll results on smartphone brand loyalty. / © AndroidPIT

Did the voting go how you expected? Let us know in the comments below.

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    I agree good specs, price and good and quick firmware and security updates on a droid device and you have me as a customer.