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Poll results: size doesn't matter, as long as the specs are good

Poll results: size doesn't matter, as long as the specs are good

In our latest AndroidPIT poll, we asked you whether you felt the size of your smartphone or its specs were more important. Despite our previous assumptions, the response overwhelmingly favored one option: it turns out that specs appeal and size doesn't matter.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus side 3
Big phone and good specs: the Galaxy S6 Edge+. / © ANDROIDPIT

Almost 75 percent of you said that size of a device is less important than the specs it's packing. These results make sense, given that they come from the readers of an Android website. 

If you prefer Android phones (which most of you do) then you may have noticed that their specs are often better than those found on iPhone competition. And when it comes to size, you don’t really have many options: big or bigger is generally the extent of the options, so it's natural that specs would have a bigger influence on your choice of phone.

androidpit specs or size poll results

If 75 percent of people consider the specs of a phone more important than its size, then the implication is that users would accept a more unwieldy device as long as it met a certain specs threshold. For example, people might be willing to buy a thicker phone if it had a bigger battery. If that's the case, hopefully manufacturers become aware of this soon (and it looks as though Samsung might have done already) and change their minds on the "thinner is better approach".    

Do you agree? If not, tell us why you think size is more important in the comments. 

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  • rick Feb 14, 2016 Link to comment

    just because a smartphone can be made micro thin, nd tiny, dosnt make it practical or user friedly. And on the other hand if it is too big, it can be a pain in the ass to put in your pocket. I like. He medium sized phone, mabey a little thicker, for a better battery, and the feeling it wont get damaged too easily. And of course, I like my device packed with the top of the line software and camera , and functional things. Pixels, sensors, all the stuff that makes it a beautiful experience. Im becoming a android junkie! So give me my new drug in pure form please!

  • In Smartphone We have to Facing Battery Probelm,..

  • The most important part to me is the battery life. What's the point in having a fast phone if the battery is empty

  • Well size AND specs matter surely? Personally I wouldn't want anything smaller than a 5 inch screen (too small these days), nor would I want anything bigger than 5.5 (bigger than that is too big for my relatively small hands). And at the same time I would want good specs for the amount of money that I'm paying. I wouldn't buy a phone with a 6 inch screen that's too big for me, even if its got good specs. Conversely, I wouldn't buy a phone between 5 and 5.5 inches if its got crap specs. BOTH are important when buying a phone. At the end of the day it's no use having a phone that's got good specs but you can't use it properly because its too big, neither is it any use having a phone that fits your hand but is slow as shit

  • Thinner is better but longer is much better si want a fat phone thats can stay turn on 2 days at least

  • Yes, for me the specs matter most. I often find it inconvenient if I have a larger size of a smart phone.

  • Bullshit title. Size DOES matter. Specs just matter more.

  • with good battery I don't mind if phone is a little bit thicker

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