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Poll results: Pink is not a popular smartphone color
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Poll results: Pink is not a popular smartphone color

Last week, we asked you to decide which phone color was the worst. The results were mixed but pink came out the loser in a crowded field. Find out more about the other colors you chose as terrible along with the percentages in the chart below. 

rosa sony
Pink smartphones were the least popular color. / © Sony

Below you can see the results of the poll. 

worst color
Pink edges out the rest in a race to the bottom. / © ANDROIDPIT

As you can see, about a quarter of you thought that pink was the worst smartphone color. Brown was a pretty close second with 17 percent followed by green and rose-gold with 14 and 11 percent respectively. The rest were in the single digits.

The poll didn't ask your opinion on your favorite device color but based on the polling we could deduce that the colors you find most acceptable are blue, black and silver. 

We had some great feedback from the poll participants comments. For instance, Dayle Steele pointed out that a natural brown like the leather on the back of the G4 is a good color. Giacomo Arcuri discussed the color of the Nextbit Robin (see the picture at the top of the page) as the deciding factor against purchasing the device. 

Has a smartphone color ever made you decide against it? Let us know in the comments. 


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  •   18
    Deactivated Account Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Gadgets are always complicated & technology is always sophisticated. Something which is serious then why are you trying to make it funny by covering it with funny colors (pink, green, yellow). No sense at all to cover a gadet with pink to make it more appealing.

    This is not a cartoon channel.

    Sorry to say but pink don't relates with technology.

  • joost Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I agree with Reza, I think Androidpit is a mostly-men-read news feed.

  • I don't like it

  • Pink is worse color, for men... and the company doesn't target men in their pink color product..

    and maybe who participate this poll mostly men..

  • Colour is one of the deciding factors.But I won't buy a black or silver colour phone with worst specs

  • Luka Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Color always plays a factor when purchasing a device for me. I had to travel to another city to pick up black Galaxy S6 because only white was available. And there was gold too, which isn't that bad (on an edge) but it's not as pretty on flat S6...