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Poll results: is Nexus or Pixel the best Google phone?
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Poll results: is Nexus or Pixel the best Google phone?

Last week, we asked you which of Google's two smartphone lines you prefer: Nexus or Pixel. The Pixel is in high demand at the moment, and quantities are limited in some markets. But even though the Pixel seems to be the next big thing, Nexus phones remain popular anyway. So, which is the favorite? Check out the results.

The big winner is Nexus...for now

About 5,400 of you voted, and the overwhelming majority were in favor of the Nexus line. The 77 percent majority thinks the Nexus devices are better than the Pixel, and this isn't too surprising for a few reasons.

androidpit Nexus 6P 4
The best representation of the Nexus line: the Nexus 6P. / © AndroidPIT

While the Pixel may be the new shiny thing catching everyone's eye, true enthusiasts may be wary for good reason. The Pixel and Pixel XL are just the first generation phones in the Pixel line, and have many kinks that need to be worked out.

The Pixel's design could certainly be refined (look at the huge bezel!). There's no waterproofing certification. These devices have had numerous hardware and software issues. These things are to be expected from a first try.

AndroidPIt google pixel 9861
The Pixel's design could certainly be refined (look at the huge bezel!). / © AndroidPIT

Maybe the next Pixel phones will make fewer compromises. Until then, the Nexus devices are likely to remain the more refined favorite. The Pixel just needs more time, and someday it could be just as beloved as the Nexus devices.

Did your choice win in the poll? Which particular Google smartphone is your favorite?

Readers' favorite comments

  • Anthony Merryman Mar 18, 2017

    Okay, I'm sorry if this comes off rude but the Pixel is literally an overpriced Google first attempt and their own version of the Nexus. The 6p and the Pixel are literally almost dead on spec wise besides the camera. No huge advancements, no sleek looking design, it's nearly the same phone for 2x the price.

    Nexus, allows creativity to come from differing brands of phones, and they managed to keep the costs low and quality high. Not only that you were still getting all the latest builds first, and even got a nearly no questions asked warranty if you purchased though the Google store.

    I'm excited to see what Google does with the Pixel line, but this one was not for me at least. Hopefully they take some of their success with Nexus and do the same thing with Pixel.


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  • Sorin Jan 5, 2018 Link to comment

    Nexus - Oldies But Goldies !

  • these articles crack me up. Google released a new phone designed in house, made it more expensive, and it outsold the Nexus line.

    if you owned Google, would you say that was a mistake just because a few people are upset about it? Google just made a very smart business decision. the numbers don't lie.

    • They make more money because they're three times as expensive as the Nexus phones were the last couple of years. They're looking at how much they made rather than how many units sold. And they haven't sold shit.

  • The name "Pixel" keeps me from buying one anyway. To mention "I've got a Pixel" sounds truly stupid.

    • I don't disagree with you but don't know how much better iPhone, Galaxy or whatever theses phones are called now days. I wouldn't get hung up on not buying a phone because of the name it was given. It's truly about the experience and making sure that the phone suits your needs.

  • You forgot "it's made of [truly pointless] metal", "it costs too much for it's specs", and "it's 100% a wannabe iPhone" - NONE of these are things the Google-loyal have supported in the past, and in fact are the opposite of what those of us actively disgusted by Apple have actively avoided.
    Pixel is tremendously disappointing, except to those who would be totally fine with an iPhone, Luddites and those ignorant to Apple's offenses.

    I'm actually still surprised that the survey didn't have a Pixel cost-justification biased anecdotal "Mike works for me!" result... I have to say I'm proud of those who voted!
    Too bad I have no faith Google will listen.

  • As a user of both the pixel and the nexus 5x, i must say the pixel is the better phone, does all the things the nexus did but so much better, the nexus was a good phone, in fact it was the best phone I had until i got the pixel, don't regret it at all, pixel is the best phone I have had, not had any of the software or hardware issues that have been reported. No matter what i ask it to do, it just does it

  • As a owner of both devices. The Pixel XL is much better. When I take out my Nexus 6P and show it to the average consumer. And explain it to them as a "concept pixel" like a concept car that say "oh the old one" and then I have to them it's less than a year old. The glass square on the pixel is much better looking than the glass bar. Say what you will about the pixels design. But if you say the Nexus 6P looks better. 90% of the average consumers are going to disagree. We techies aren't the market Google is trying to hit anymore.
    What the average consumer wants is way different from what we want. We only make up a small percentage of the smart phone market. They actually wanna make money and compete with apple. To do that they have to bear apple at thier own game

    • My understanding is that the pixel phones are really good. My original comment was to say that I still very much like my Nexus 6. When I'm ready to change, the pixel, or its successor, will definitely be in the running for my cash.

  • The Pixel and Pixel XL are hands down the best Android phones ever! I swap phones all the time and recently started using the Pixel and put my S7 EDGE DUOS to the side and I don't regret it. The Pixel just works and consistently. Nexus phones were good but always lacked something. The Pixel phones are just complete phones .

  • N6p is ugly and N6 was the best.. Are you high mate? 6p is and has been one of the best android iteration Google has brought. Pixel comes close, but the kind of the experience you get especially while consuming media on nexus 6p is close to none..

  • I liked the size of the Nexus and some aspects of it were not only better, MHO, but easier to use. The smaller size of the Pixel XL and how light it is has caused me issues, personally. You may find that different.

    I continually drop it and lose it because it so small it can "hide" user/between anything. A case might help this, but I miss my Nexus. I only upgraded because my internal charging cable would longer attach and charge the phone.

    I think I would have rather seen some upgrade/update to it.

    Again, my opinion.

  • Nexus 6 was the best, IMHO. not 6p, but 6. It's a real shame no one will make this screen size anymore. Tried to "upgrade" to S7 (cause 6p is UGLY and Pixel is insulting iphone clone crap), but aside from the camera, it isn't any better than the 6 and just highlights why I wanted Shamu to begin with.

    • I really like my Nexus 6, and have not yet been tempted by any other phone. It's great. Love the large screen and the stereo speakers.

    • N6p is ugly and N6 was the best.. Are you high mate? 6p is and has been one of the best android iteration Google has brought. Pixel comes close, but the kind of the experience you get especially while consuming media on nexus 6p is close to none..

  • Nexus phones were and always will be basic and junk. Cameras which were simply not good enough for even basic snaps, and underperforming compared to other phones.
    HTC phones are just as customisable as Nexus but still have top spec cameras and audio.
    Pixel for me. Best camera on any phone in real life use.
    Money is not a factor as people usually get phones on contract.

    • No one does contracts anymore. It's all installment billing now.

      • Kattz Mar 18, 2017 Link to comment

        That depends on where you live. In Canada most people still get their phone on contract and the providers want to keep it that way. They start offering early renewal deals a few months before your contract is up. They want you locked in and paying off an expensive phone for the rest of your life. The Nexus was even available on contract up here, but it was always the model with the lowest storage.

  • I think Nexus 5 is the best phone ever from Google. Great price & the best configuration... Because still I am using it.
    I love it. Now after 3 years having a small issue with call volume....And I don't believe in repairing.
    But I love N5.

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