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Poll results: the most important aspect of a smartphone is...

Poll results: the most important aspect of a smartphone is...

We wanted to know what aspect of a smartphone is most important to you, so we put up a poll. Hundreds of you have voted, and we're here to present the results (and some top reader comments) today.

Readers were allowed to choose more than one smartphone feature, and there were about 650 votes in total when we tallied up the results. The highest priority aspect of a smartphone for AndroidPIT readers is...

Battery life

67 percent of those who voted agreed that battery life was of the utmost importance. This is no surprise, as it seems everyone these days has to carry around a charging cable or portable charging pack. Even fast charging doesn't help if a battery's capacity isn't large enough to last through a day.

One of our top commenters on the poll, Mark, made a great point by saying his priority is "Removable battery not just battery life." Another user, Dean L., said that he carries a couple of extra battery packs.

androidpit battery low 1
 Battery life isn't keeping pace with our needs in 2017. / © AndroidPIT


Somewhat at odds with battery life, the second most important aspect is performance, with 61 percent. We all want powerful phones that work smoothly and quickly. Those who multi-task want to have a billion apps running at the same time without a noticeable drop in responsiveness or speed. Gamers need the best performance to handle intense games, not to mention a big display.

Other priorities

Apart from those two universal concerns, battery life and performance, several other aspects proved to be a priority to our readers. These all received between 40 and 30 percent of the vote. In order of highest number of votes, these are: price, software, display size, rear camera and design.

These are strong considerations when evaluating a phone before purchase and comparing to other devices. If performance and battery life are absolute requirements, then these aspects are the deciding factors for consumers when picking a new phone.

The least important

For people who take a lot of selfies, the front camera quality may be most important, but it still got last place in our poll with just 10 percent. Special features and audio quality were just a bit more popular, at 13 and 17 percent, respectively. These are merely nice-to-haves.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. Let us know what you think of the results in the comments. We created a poll on which manufacturers are the most preferred thanks to a suggestion from user Shankar Nandi's comment on the last poll, so don't forget send us your suggestions for the next poll too.

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  • Gary J Feb 14, 2017 Link to comment

    Removable Battery. In my house of a family of 5, the parents phones get inherited by the kids. So phones stay around 6 years. We need to be able to successfully charge the phone 5 years later. So the batteries need cheap replacing every year or two on 5 phones.

  • Mike R Feb 12, 2017 Link to comment

    Imagine how the note 7 debacle would have looked if the battery wasn't built in. Samsung pay attention ! Haha

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Feb 11, 2017 Link to comment

    Without battery life none of the other features matter, it is the single most important part of a cell phone. They should be removable so you can keep a phone a it peak performance. When a battery ages it loses MAH and Voltage. The MAH can be subsidized by a power bank the Voltage can not. The voltage is what drives the processor the MAH is just how long it can do it. When a battery loses voltage it slows down the processor and your phone. That is why I feel all phones should be required to have removable batteries. Why should the manufactures decide how long you can use your phone? It should be up to you not them. The removable battery has many advantages and few if any negatives. Reviewers you can stick your premium materials up your A##.

    • A plastic back which is extremely light, - never heard of any that snapped either, - CANNOT be seen when in a case. At £600+ in UK, I wouldn't take my phone anywhere outside without a case. As said, stick pretty phones with "premium" materials where sun will never shine. Plastic removable backs handy for removable batteries too. :-) It was mainly tech writers that kept bleating on about premium looks. Note4 user

  • O. K some buy phones on the looks or name, but before i decide to give any phone a chance, i look on different websites or you tube for reviews or opinions on certain phones other than Samsung which i find the most trustworthy phones to purchase, a good camera seems to more popular choice with consumers, but its the phones batterylife i think about, some budget Chinese phones can be good as well as i even checkout on Cubot phones as they are Dual sim phones with the removable battery option which Samsung as removed now

  • I'm a bit surprised, as cameras on smartphones are improving a lot these days, but are not all equal, so I thought they were a priority for many.
    On the other hand, even with mid-range processors, now performances are almost identical (sometimes with reduced battery consumption!), apart for some demanding app, therefore I thought it was not a priority anymore.
    Well, indeed I was wrong :-)

  • The results show that most of us that voted consider battery life and performance first which at least to me comes as no surprise. Thanks for having the poll and sharing the results.

  • Performance and battery life first.

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