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Poll: what do you do with your smartphone when you go to sleep?

Poll: what do you do with your smartphone when you go to sleep?

We spend half our lives on our smartphones and the other half sleeping. So what do you do with your phone while you sleep? Does your smartphone affect your sleep? Do you have a set ritual before bed each night? We'd like to know what you do with your mobile phone before you fall asleep.

Disconnecting yourself from your phone is becoming more and more difficult. it's bad enough for my generation but for younger generations, it seems kids are born with phones in their pockets. Many young people today even carry around a back up power back in their backpacks or some even carry around a second smartphone.

According to several studies, like the one published by the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, using your smartphone or tablet after 9 PM is strongly correlated with poorer sleep during the night. This decrease then leads to abnormal fatigue the following day and thus lower motivation and ability to concentrate at work or at school. 

Admittedly, I myself use my phone right before bed most nights before putting it in airplane mode.

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Many users just can't put down their smartphone, including while they sleep. © AndroidPIT
What do you do with your smartphone when you go to sleep?
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So what is it you do with your smartphone? Check out the results of the poll here.

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  • joost May 31, 2017 Link to comment

    I plug itin anduse it as a night clock. Above I unfriend the ones that dare to call me during the night and i do that at a very unfriendly way (and I'm good in that)

  • I charge it full before bed, turn it off and leave it in the living room.

  • one time there was a feature that you could set to close down at a time you could select and also a time to waken up ..you could set different times for all days of your week ...it was an easy Alarm clock, beside the normal Alarm/stopwatch App ...what has happened to that great feature.
    I have to manually turn off and on each day ....I charge it during the night !
    The Aircraft silence closes off incoming etc ...but keeps your phone using its battery.
    Seems to me PROGRESS has gone BACKWARDS !!!!

  • I leave mine on Do Not Disturb, save for a select subset of numbers.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account May 30, 2017 Link to comment

    it gets turned off mostly.. I like sleeping and so does my mobile, which runs a whole lot better for its nightly rest..

  • It's on a different floor in my house. I have personal anecdotal evidence that having wifi devices near my head disrupts my sleep. No wifi devices near my sleeping has improved my sleep tremendously.

    Dean L.Deactivated Account

  • Pat May 30, 2017 Link to comment

    I set my Note 4 on Do Not Disturb for all calls, notifications and messages from 2200 to 0600 and use the phone for my alarm clock. Unfortunately, I still keep getting awakened in the early morning with notifications that include a bright white light that (1) "Unfortunately navigation has stopped" and (2) from Verizon that I have an important update. I have never needed navigation while sleeping and have never received an update that was important enough to be awakened for. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a way to stop either one.

  • Do not disturb (auto from 7pm -7am and put my S8+ on the wireless charger.

  • Leave it downstairs with auto do not disturb set up. I auto sleep myself between 20:30 & 04:00, alarm not needed. Only need to charge my S7 Edge once every 4 days anyway.

    • Wow, you get FOUR DAYS between charges?
      I have an S7 edge as a backup to my S8+ and it gets about 6 hours with Facebook disabled along with several other power draining apps. Up to 10 hours if I do not touch it at all from 100% charge.
      When my S7edge was rooted I would see close to 24 hours on a charge if I barely used it. In my battery stats , screen on time is what was always killing it fast. Would love to know youre setup that gets you 4 days even if all standby time which I'm assuming it is.... Even my standby king LG V-20 can't touch 4 days.

  • I switch it off put it on the side of my bed.

  • solis May 30, 2017 Link to comment

    I put it in Do-Not-Disturb mode, which is technically different from Silent. This should have been an option in your poll, since many phones have this feature now.

  • I turn on the silent and power saving mode and then put it aside. I do not switch it off.

    • So you don't charge you're phone while you're sleeping and don't need it?? Interesting thought process going on there...

  • I put mine on "do not disturb" where only my immediate family is allowed to come through. I set my wake up alarm. And put it on the charger. But yes it's always on.

  • Always set my cool bright screen brightness to 20% then turn on screen filter and place it on my stand,screen filter is brilliant and stops the battery from draining overnight,just got up this morning and my S8 plus battery only went down 1% while sleeping,would recommend downloading screen filter to help your phone's batterylife last longer and turn it on every time your not using your phone

  • I put my Galaxy S8+ on power saving mode

  • It's on. But do not disturb is running.

  • It all depends on what I have to do after I wake up. If nothing, I turn it off. If I need a alarm, I keep it on. This is a hard one to answer, depends on so many variables. Hell, I can't really vote on this.

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