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What would convince you to buy an electric car?
Mobility Community Poll 1 min read 5 comments

What would convince you to buy an electric car?

Electric cars are on the rise as more and more big auto companies are throwing money into the technology pioneered by startups like Tesla. It increasingly looks like EVs are the future of mobility, hydrogen option notwithstanding.  Electric cars can compete with the best classic models on multiple fronts, and are more affordable than ever.

But as with any emerging technology, there are still a few hurdles that stand in the way of mainstream adoption, and so, we put it to you as readers, drivers, and technology enthusiasts. In your opinion, what is the main hurdle that electric cars need to surmount before they end up as your locomotion of choice?

What would convince you to buy an electric car?
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Perhaps you're still not convinced that there will be enough charging stations for your needs, especially if you live in a rural area. Or maybe the range of electric vehicles are priced above your budget. To some, it may not make sense to buy news cars at all, especially if shared smart cars are on the horizon.

Have any extra gripes or observations about the state of electric cars? Let us know in the comments!


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  • I own my last car, not really justifiable in midtown Toronto, but good for getting out of the city. Won't buy another. Absent that, I'd be interested either in an all-electric ZipCar type subscription or a licensed taxi service (want trained pro drivers) for short hauls.

  • The range is getting better but still doesn't match the range of a fossil fuel vehicle. And the infrastructure doesn't support since you have to plan around traveling where the charging stations are, which doesn't match fuel stations yet.

  • I don't need a personal car. It's a waste of money. Car sharing and public transportation is the best option.

  • storm 1 month ago Link to comment

    range, winter concerns. i still take trips where i load gas cans for extra range. electric needs to up its game to replace remote travel options.

  • A. LESS expensive
    B. Longer range
    C. Quicker charging
    D. Better performance in the winter