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Poll: What's more important - specs or size?

Poll: What's more important - specs or size?

Everybody wants something different from a phone but there are two major factors that affect a purchasing decision above most others: specs and size. We care about both, but which is most important to you?

androidpit nexus 6 2015 comparison 1
Does size matter? / © ANDROIDPIT

How many Android fans out there choose a phone based purely on its looks? It sounds like a strange concept to me, but there are some people at AndroidPIT HQ who only care about smartphone design. 

I want to ask a slightly less broad question than that today. Simply, what is more important about a phone: its specs or its size? Are you the kind of person who chooses a size first, and then finds the phone with the best specs in that category? Or will you buy any size phone so long as it performs well?

For the purposes of this poll, 'specs' includes all internal components of the device, from the display resolution, to camera hardware, to battery capacity. 'Size' pertains to the physical dimensions of the device body (rather than internal storage).

Which smartphone feature is more important?
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Share your reasoning in the comments.

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  • Specs all the way. No point in having all that screen with nothing to back it up with

  • Lalit
    • Admin
    Feb 9, 2016 Link to comment

    Well, for me it's both I needs specs as well as size but still if I have to choose then it would be specs because size I can get it from Chinese phones :P

  • liz Feb 9, 2016 Link to comment

    I personally love the style as well as the specs. I want a phone that is fast, reliable and has an awesome battery life... also, I love the sleek new designs coming out. Major companies need to start focusing more on quality. Such as battery life. We use our phones now as a laptop, computer, gaming, talking etc. It's more than a phone. Therefore, we need to have constant battery life. Than of course we need quality... camera/video quality . Waterproof material. Storage . Speed. Overall functionality and such . I love androids and I currently own the 6 edge. However, I'm not overly excited about the phone .. even though it offers fast charging , I am a heavy user on my phone and I need it to be more reliable. Bigger ..stronger battery Samsung. ... or HTC. ....

  • Specs are where it's at cause size doesn't give performance. To me I am interested in the camera specs and features. Which is one reason why I switched from a palm phone to the HTC droid incredible which had an awesome camera for when it was released.

  • I prefer specs over size cos it's a no brainer, what's the use of a sizeable mobile device with low performance? And like most people would agree the most sophisticated device out now aren't always the biggest devices

  • For most of the users Specs is more important than Size
    If people want big Size than they can choose Tab or Laptop

  • I'd go for a good size, anyday!

  • If you are not talking about gigantic 6 inches neither size nor specs are important for me. Now the thing that matters is that the phone needs to be snappy all the time. For this cheapest and best flagship now is samsung galaxy s6.
    I bought s6 edge then missed sd card, so bought Note4 and now I'm back again to s6 ( not edge) . Just tap and it do it in an instant. And you surely won't miss the stability of apples phone either.
    I have used IPH6 too. Trust me you gonna love s6

  • Its not all about size, its what you can do with it that counts! ;-)

  • Specs are more important, no point in having a huge phone that freezes all the time and is not usable.

  • Wouldn't call a 7 inch screen a phone! more like a tablet?

  • There's not a lot of sense in having a large phone and poor performance

  • Shawn Feb 7, 2016 Link to comment

    I simply Googled largest cell phone and then ended up buying the number one result, Huawei MediaPad X2 7-inch screen and pretty impressive specs too. 3 gig RAM and 5000 mAH battery.

  • Scott Feb 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Size is one of the specs of the phone but from your poll specs is number 1 and the most important spec is RAM

  • Specs........ Period!!!

  • size is important. The most phones have sufficiënt specs for daily use.I prefer a phone that fits in my pocket.(4.7).If you want to game get a phablet or tablet.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Feb 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Spec that include a removable battery and Micro SD support

  • Specs obviously will win the majority vote.

  • As long as its 5 inches and up then, specs FTW!

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