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Poll: which manufacturer has disappointed you the most?

Poll: which manufacturer has disappointed you the most?

Each manufacturer has their own set of strengths, whether it be making the fastest Android devices, providing the best customer service or the most customization options, to name just a few ways OEMs can set themselves apart. That being said, each manufacturer also has their list of faults. What manufacturer has disappointed you the most?

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I’ve heard from many users within our AndroidPIT community that they buy a smartphone or a tablet and end up disappointed for whatever reason: the device lags, it gets irregular updates, the customer support doesn’t help, certain functions don’t work as expected, the battery drains too quickly...the list is long and ongoing. Some concrete examples are Samsung and the very slow frequency at which the company pushes updates, or the LG G2 KitKat problems, or the iPhone 5s and the hacked fingerprint sensor…

You can either answer in the survey or let us know in the comments below! Remember, this is your time to really get it out of your system and rant about what you disappoints you the most about your smartphone manufacturer!

Which manufacturer has disapointed you the most?
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  • Yup, definitely Samsung. Crappy build quality and useless preinstalled apps. I'm glad that I had WP7, so I didn't have to see that ugly TouchWiz interface...

  • Definitely Google for constriction of the sdcard and the shady way they didn't inform anyone.Like hey maybe you should save your money and not buy that 60$ sdcard to go with that new phone cause its not going to work right on kitkat. Not to mention some of your paid apps from play store are broken...but I'm not sure if that's more on the developers than Google at this point.Its a headache to have to decide whats going to use my internal memory now, something I thought I wasn't going to have to worry about ever again.

  • cezar May 11, 2014 Link to comment

    Samsung (no kitkat update for s3) no more sam phone for me next move to nexus or lg

  • Google is the one to disappoint me by removing user installed software access to the micro SD card. My phone is new, so I don't want to root it just yet.

  • I think this poll is pointless for several reasons. First off, very few people have owned more than two or three different brands of phones. Couple that with the fact that the majority of people have only owned one of the top three (IPhone, Samsung, or HTC), and what is going to happen here is, we will have a poll with no legitimate result. That said, my bet is Samsung wins by a landslide, they have the marketing apparatus to be able to sell bacon to a vegetarian, and their phones are pretty much high price, low quality, total junk. I have owned three Samsung phones in the past, none of them lived up to the advertising hype that preceded them. They also are the only cell phones I've owned that I have had to replace because they would not hold up to normal use. On the other hand, I have also owned three HTC phones, all have each lasted at least 2 years of daily use with no failures attributable to build quality. Oh, and the IPhone I would not know about, I had an Apple 1 computer, and that is the last Apple product I will ever own, I just don't like the company or their business model.

  • This may sound funny but I have not been disappointed by any OEMs that I've bought the products of: HTC, Google/LG (N4 and N5), so I guess I'm lucky. Still, my luck has to run out eventually.

  • I miss having an HTC
    I got an LG to go "no contract"
    Its 'ok' but I think a NEXUS 5 will be next
    Unless HTC can come up with a "no contract" that is better
    I hear good & bad about Samsung (I think the S4 & S5 were rushed into production, I think the S6 should be metal body next year)

  • Motorola fading into Google/Nexus. EXPLAINATION: up to the intro of MotoX they were the worst supporting company with mediocre hardware. Now Google is all about hardware rumors that never happen - vaporware. Sammy is HARDWARE - good hardware BUT software is a side business. AND BTW iDON'T. So this is my top 4, three android pirates and a bad apple (not hardware or software it's TUDE).

  • Samsung.. obviously.. like my S3,but the lack of 4.4 and a dodgy 4.3..cheers Samsung.. NOT..!!

  • typo: **Android

  • (in Andoird world) There's big difference between a company which make you fool by lots of crap shit on spec-sheet which will never works and just let you alone with BUGs,(Like Samsung) and another one which give you less on paper but perfect in realworld (Like HTC).

  • Typo on poll. It's 'disappointed', not 'dissapointed'

  • samsung

  • The design of the S3 was a let down from the S2. so I waited and bought the Note 2 and now the Note 3. Problem now is what to buy next. The build quality of the Note 3 is also a let down but it does everything and has all the features I want.

  • Samsung

  • I love my LG G2 but it's having issues with kitkat. I've been reading that it will get the new 4.4.3 update.

  • I am proud nexus user and say it with confidence that I am lucky that I chosed Google above any other crap specially Samsung. I don't want a Samsung even for free

  • This might just be me but I think almost every maker have failed making a perfect phone or at least one I want super bad. Samsung for obvious reasons. Xperia because it's so big and I don't like their modifications to Android. The Nexus was good but not top notch. My favourites are probably the HTC One M8 or the Oppo find 7 but I'm still not the biggest fan of the UI on both. The Find 7 probably would be perfect with just stock Android and extra features. but these are just my personal opinions :)

  • i always loved HTC fr the begining of time, they disappointed me, so moved to Samsung, and in the past 2 years they have let me down in every way..next phone will be HTC or Nexus..

  • Oh how could I forget and Blackberry

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