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Poll: Who wants a metal bodied Galaxy S5? How about a Galaxy F?

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of the endless ''will they, won't they?'' regarding the metal chassis for the Galaxy S5. One minute we're told Samsung have secured a manufacturer for the Galaxy S5 in Vietnam, then we're told the cost of a metal chassis is too prohibitive. Then there's the rumor of a standard S5 in metal and a Lite version in plastic. Plus there's the super premium Galaxy F, which has always been said to be housed in a full metal jacket. But do Samsung fans even want a metal casing? 

samsung galaxy F
A full metal jacket Galaxy F sounds lovely, but do Samsung fans want it?

The latest rumor is that the Galaxy F, in full metal, will be delivered alongside the Galaxy S5 or soon thereafter. The presence of the Galaxy F as a super premium line also lends credence to the idea that the ''twin'' S5's might actually just be a standard S5 and a beefed up S5 that would be the Galaxy F. The Galaxy F may well get the QHD 2K display that everyone is hanging on, as well as one of the new 64-bit processors that Samsung are planning, either the Exynos 6 or their own Exynos S processor (which is, however, slightly slower than the Qualcomm-built Exynos 6).

One of the many renders floating around of the Galaxy S5. / © Hasan Kaymak Innovations

The question I put to you is: do you want two versions of the Galaxy S5 in plastic and metal, a plastic S5 and an otherwise identical metal Galaxy F, or a standard S5 and a super premium ''to heck with the cost'' Galaxy F with insane specs and display resolution? Samsung fans have grown up with those plastic cases, so it stands to reason they like them. They are easily switchable, shock absorbent (to a degree) and lighter and cheaper than metal. Switching to a non-removable metal case may bump the price, weight and durability of a recipe that is clearly already working for Samsung. Then again, Samsung are renowned for flinging things at the market just to see what sticks, and there's no shortage of customers willing to spend big bucks on premium smartphones.

What would you prefer?
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Via: GSM Arena Source: ET News


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  • Hi ann droid.
    I have had dishwasher machine for a couple of years when i lived with my x. We had spoons and other cooking devices made from bamboo. After three years or so, one time a day in the machine. The bamboo began to deteriate. I would guess, based on that, that the bamboo edition of the moto-x is pretty tough. I would love that instead of a moto-x oak edition or worse. A pine-edition.

  • plck74 Jan 4, 2014 Link to comment

    why body of smartphone is important than spec? if samsung have good spec, i wont care less what material on the body. but must not breakable...

    • But on the other hand, most people are crazy about numbers (specs) even when they don't understand them or need them (or use them). They simply want the biggest numbers possible (look at the good old camera megapixel situation). In those cases a good looking phone makes much more sense than one with insane specs they don't even need/use. I think there's some of use who need crazy specs for what we use our phones for, and for other people a phone is more of a fashion accessory.

  • Who the hell still cares of this metal vs. plastic vs. ....? In terms of protection and additional features, metal is actually a worse option. As all those people already said, what's inside matters the most.

  • I Don't care if it's metal or plastic as long as it is relatively light and retains the capability to swap batteries and add an SD card.

  • No metal. Too cold. I have a metal flashlight that I hate to use because it's cold.

  • iMaC74 Jan 2, 2014 Link to comment

    I don't care for metal or plastic it can be made out of wood if it really wants it's what's on the inside and what the device can do matters more to me. Happy New Year folk's ✌

  • Samsung Galaxy J has a metal body with galaxy note 3 specs with 5 inch screen screen size.....look it up

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