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Pressy button alternative on sale for 39 cents!

Pressy button alternative on sale for 39 cents!

Remember last week when we were discussing the admittedly rather steep price of the Pressy multifunction button for Android? We mentioned that you could pick up very cheap imitations of the configurable hardware button, but this deal just popped our tops: you can grab a Pressy-like shortcut button for your headphone port for just 39 cents.  

AndroidPIT Xiaomi Button
It may not be a real Pressy, but for 39 cents you may not care. / © AndroidPIT

The deal comes from the appropriately named GearBest website, where you can apply the discount code GBSMR at the checkout and score yourself a serious bargain. The only catch is that you need to sign into the site before it will accept the discount code. If this turns you off, the normal price is only two bucks so you're hardly going to break the bank even at full price. Shipping is free and they have them in stock.

Xiaomi Button 1
Free shipping, in stock and super cheap: works for me./ © GearBest

The site claims the device is for Xiaomi phones but there's no reason why it wouldn't work on any Android. I'm not exactly certain if this is the exact Xiaomi knockoff or yet another copy, but the gadget description is ''Intelligent Mobile Smart Shortcut Universal Dustproof Plug for Xiaomi Android Phone'' so that pretty much covers all bases. You should be able to manage the app either using an app like Tasker, Klick or MiKey, but for 39 cents, even if it doesn’t work you can retool it as a dust cover for your headphone jack or use it to clean your ears.

What do you think of these cheap imitations? Would you consider a hardware button for this price?

Source: GearBest

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  • Sorin Jan 2, 2018 Link to comment

    For those passionate, you can make such a DIY button using a headphone jack with a microphone and a simple switch. Or it can be bought. You can also use the same headphone jack system, in this case the volume up / down volume buttons can be used, and a flexible shutter button is available for shooting.
    The possibilities are many and sympathetic.

  • jdfgdjfdfd

  • sshbsjd

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Aug 29, 2014 Link to comment

    I have a Pressy, and one of the cheaper alternatives. Let's just say I don't regret paying the bit extra for the Pressy. Although the cheaper one still makes a nice anti dust plug.

  • works as promised. with the 20 cents!
    using Klick on Omega Omni ROM S3

  • yes the pop up came out I selected the app(klick) but still the same problem

    • I have the same problem. I think the button is defective.

      • Mine was being a bit weird too, but I have some ROM tweaks for when something is inserted in the headphone jack. The button works in my Note 3 with the Pressy app, I just needed to do a little playing around with Klick to get it working.

  • I got this after 3 weeks and it seems not working well, it interfere with ringtone volume.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • It is supposed to pop up an alert that a device was plugged in where you can chose from headphones or another device (the button). If not, you can try to override with Tasker, like making and "if". Try using the app "Headseat Button Controller"

      • yes the pop up came out I selected the app(klick) but still the same problem

      • Well I just received mine a few minutes ago and after a few minutes of testing I got mine working the way I want with Headset Button Controller, I just had to enable Pressy mode in the options.

      • can you try Klick and Mikey and tell us if it work well?

      • I just tried Klick and had no problems with sound or anything. I couldnt find Mikey but I guess its the same. Klick actually prompt if I had Klick or earbuds plugged in.

      • I don't know why this happens to me

      • Its probably cause of the ROM. For me Headset Button Controller worked triggering tasks in Tasker and its working pretty good so far without a problem. I just wish I could change the sound it makes after I trigger an action lol

      • when I use earphones which does have the button it works perfectly only with Pressy is this problem

  • Received mine today, it's ok, but doesn't unlock the screen even with no lock screen on 4.4.2 tablet, so one click to take photo still requires unlocking manually the tablet first. Any good uses for it?

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