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projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia
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projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia

Does anyone remember the golden days of WinAMP, when it was the ultimate Windows music player, bar none? If so, you may recall spending a considerable amount of time creating visuals and searching for plugins in order to personalise your music experience to the max.

If you were once a fan and/or are feeling nostalgic for the WinAMP experience, check out projectM Music Visualizer, an app that provides visuals as live wallpapers. More details below.


Reviewed version Latest version
3.31 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Mods: No

projectM Music Visualizer is a live wallpaper but unlike most others that I’ve tried out thus far. Especially because I had been on the prowl for a fun live wallpaper that wouldn’t cause my device to stop and sputter every few minutes.

First thing to report: there’s no need to make any changes to the settings, meaning you can basically designate it as your background image and Bob’s your uncle. In order to do so, simply open the projectM Music Visualizer app.

Hit the main menu in order to check out the settings. For example, you may make changes to the multi-touch mode, such as adding more interactive elements to visuals, or changing visuals.

A preset with 284 visuals is pre-installed, and you can download an additional 54 which are graphically more complex and thus will burn more battery life. The normal preset actually doesn’t kill the battery, and you will hardly even notice a difference if you’re running the app on a high end device.

There are also settings options for the visuals themselves, including changing the LWP in case you do experience any lagging on your device.
You may designate which audio input you wish to be used for visuals. There’s also a mic option, but I don’t recommend it as otherwise issues with voice search via Google / homescreen.

If that isn’t enough, just hit the big symbol at the top right for even more options (make changes to the visualizer playlist or settling for one). You can also rate or search for visuals.

Bottom line:

projectM Music Visualizer harbours a lot of LWP that won’t suck your battery dry or cause your device to lag. There are a lot of settings options for those who like to personalise, but no need to really do anything if you’re on the market for cool visuals but don’t want to fuss with configurations.


Screen & Controls

Rating projectM Music Visualizer in this category is tricky. On the one hand, the graphics are great, but the configuration is not exactly intuitive. For now, it’s a three star rating but the app definitely has potential.


Speed & Stability

I can’t complain in this department: projectM Music Visualizer is by no means an energy vampire and the visual and homescreen are fluid, even on older generation devices.


Price/Performance Ratio

projectM Music Visualizer costs EUR 2.42 which is a bit steep but fair for what you’re getting. projectM Music Visualizer is a great app if you like that kind of design.



projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia projectM Music Visualizer – WinAMP Nostalgia

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