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What do you think of the proposed new Google icons for Android?

With a likely change in the Google icons for Android in the pipelines to better match what we currently have on the web-based version of our favorite Google products, the question arises: do we really need them if they represent yet another change in Android's design guidelines?

New Google App Icons Crop
The new leaked Google app icons - do you prefer them or want them to stay the same? / © Android Police

The new icons have been picked up by Android Police and they do seem a little more stream-lined compared to their current Android form. But considering the Holo design style is still seeping into the billion apps in the Play Store with relatively slow uptake, is changing the guidelines for app icons – requiring even more changes from developers, no matter how simple – really a good idea? Sure, Google gets to set the standard, but suddenly everything else on your Android looks out of whack and everyone has to play catch up. Here's the current web and Android versions along with the new icons leaked to Android Police.

Proposed Google Android Icons
The new icons show a better resemblance to their web-based counterparts, but they're still not perfectly aligned with Google's design guidelines. / © Android Police

The guidelines set by Google for both web and Android are not even mirrored in their own icons. Giving the icons a refresh to actually match what Google itself lays down for others makes sense, but even with the proposed new icons in the image above we still don't have consistency across the board between the web and future Android icons (or the guidelines themselves in their current state). Is this just change for change's sake? Or is this part of a broader cleaning up of Google's properties and well overdue?

What do you think of the proposed new changes to Google's icons for Android?
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Source: Android Police


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  • I wonder if smartphone design will go the same way as a reductionist reading of modernist painting did back in the 50s, where all things non-essential were removed from a medium. So 3D effects were removed from painting because 3D is sculpture's domain, and so on. How would phones emphasize the material nature of their medium though? Pixels? I think not. Still, the shift from 3D effects to ever more flat design is interesting. Where to next?

  • Gorgeous and very clean. 3d type

  • incr - "wait for it" - hope u r not hungry b'coz d 2nd half of dat word is "edible"- thats Incredible

  • My Android Coloring Book!

  • My1 Apr 14, 2014 Link to comment

    It was all better when 3D GUI effects were booming.
    Win8 aslso looks bad in comparison with Win7...